Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There Are No Flaws in HIS plan

Man.. if God doesn't have his master plan then I don't know what other truth there is to this life. His plan is AMAZING. His plan is PERFECT.

I have great news but I'm gonna save it .. first let me back track a bit.

Since everyone has noticed the drastic changes in my appearance, it seems like the phrase "You are such an inspiration" is on the tip of everyone's tongues. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that!!

My outside reaction is always "Aww.. thank you for the compliment".. but my INSIDE reaction is HUH?! Are you talking to ME??! You know who I am right? Krystle Bailey..the fat girl with the pretty face..I AM AN INSPIRATION??!

*Snaps Back To Reality* 

Yes they are talking to me and I have worked DAMN hard to reach this point that people consider me an inspiration. It does feel amazing. Although I'm not sure that I will ever get used to it completely.

Here's my breaking news::

My very 1st friend ever from way way back in the day.. when we were just little tykes. Our moms used to work together and we hung out ALL THE TIME. She also has struggled with her weight for a very long time. We have gone our separate ways over the years but still stay in contact through FB.

Today she sent me a message that made me feel so good, so thankful, and made me realize (once again) that God's plan has NO FLAWS.

She had just finished reading my poem that I posted prior to this post "Dear Fat Me" and she said that it had her in tears because she felt that way every day but was too scared to ask for help and she was coming to me because she is ready to lose the weight and knows that not only can I relate to what she is going through, but I will help her FREE OF JUDGMENT. 

This made me feel so honored & thankful on so many levels:
  1. She knows I still have that love for her.. 20+ years later. 
  2. She trusts that I can give her the support she needs. 
  3. In case I haven't mentioned it before - GOD'S PLAN HAS NO FLAWS. I just started going back to Weight Watchers meetings last week  with the most awesome WW leader ever and it just so happens that she asked me this week to be of assistance. So guess what??! 
YUP - you guessed it!! 

She is going to WW with me this Saturday!!!  I'm so excited. I can't wait to see her transformation and have her along on this journey with me. I hope it will also rekindle an old friendship!

 I really feel as though I have found my niche in life. Ever since I started this journey, new opportunities, new ideas keep arising.

I set out to change my own life and never expected to change others' lives as well. What started as my own goal to better myself has turned into a new goal to help others better themselves too! I have ideas in the making that are going to change everyone and everything around me and I am ready to make those changes!!

I owe it all to God though. Another friend of mine commented on one of my FB statuses saying that she admired my outlook on life. My response? - "thank you.. although it has nothing to do with ME. Like I said.. GOD IS GREAT!! I wouldn't have the things and do the things that make me so happy if not for His blessings! :)"

 Have an absolutely incredible day!!



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