Friday, May 13, 2011

Bathing Suit Shopping!

SO exciting, I just bought my first new bathing suit in years!!! I have been saying I needed a new one for a while now but was so nervous/anxious about buying it so I kept putting it off since summer isn't quite here yet. But on Sunday I am spending the day at the spa (compliments of my honey!) so I wanted to get a bathing suit to wear in the jacuzzi. Since I got gift cards for mother's day, I decided to splurge.

So I picked out every one piece that Old Navy had on the racks - some I got in a Large and XL just in case.

Here was the lineup:

Not all of these got camera play.. lol just two.

The first one I tried on I really liked but it was black and black is so boring lol but I took a picture anyway. I was excited not only because it was a large but because I can't remember the last time I walked in a dressing room and actually FIT the first thing I tried on..

Here it is:

I know.. you can't see all those curves (I'll go with "curves" instead of "rolls") in regular clothes! But don't get it twisted.. I have a long way to go!!

P.s. I need a major tan!

Anyway so then I tried on the purple one and I fell in LOVE!!

Here's me, happy as a clam - this one is also a large!! 

The other two were not so flattering to say the least LOL.. anyway so this is the one I bought. I got a zebra print cover up thingy to go with it too.. here is the final product:

This is me in my bathing suit 2 summers ago!! :: (although now I realize how much my girls shrunk! haha)

I'm happy with it!! Now I just have to work on these thunder thighs so I can scrap the coverup!!

I also got this hat.. I've always wanted a big ol' beach hat but I'm gonna have to get a cover up that matches it..

Exciting day in the land of KJB! Sooo looking forward to my spa day on Sunday!! I have a hot stone massage scheduled and a date with the gym, the sauna, the jacuzzi, and a good book!!


Unknown said...

awww yayyy i love it..
The bathing suit is really cute..
I have one question how much do you pay monthly for the pre-packaged foods you get from weight watchers.
my eating is horrible

Paulina said...

I love that purple swimsuit and zebra coverup on you! You look amazing, girlie!

Have a GREAT time at the spa!!!

pepa said...

Hy dear,
Visit my new blog

Kissses from pepa :X

Unknown said...

Whoaaa! You look fabulous ! Great job !

Enjoy that Sunday spa day !!! Sounds amazing :)

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Thanks everyone!! Oh trust me, I plan to FULLY enjoy myself at the spa!! LOL

its_ashley said...

im currentely reading all the blog posts i missed, and while i read this one i reread it... and i was look at the pic and looked at this pic from ur recent vaction and u can see the difference there too..

wtg!!! another nsv!

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