Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Let The Scale Beat You Up...and don't beat up your scale.

A little bummed.

Last week when I wasn't working out because of my ankle, I SO EASILY gained 4lbs!! Granted I may have gone over my points a little bit but I didn't binge eat or anything! I was pretty upset about it but told myself, "You'll just lose it again this week.. it came on in a week, it's bound to come back off in a week"..

Who was I kidding??!!

I busted my butt this week trying to lose the 4lbs or somewhere close to it and what was the result, you ask??

Yes, yes I know!  A loss is a loss and generally 1.8 would be a good loss for me. However, two weeks ago I was in ONEderland and now I'm not. For two weeks straight. -__-

My boyfriend said: "Don't go by the scale.. that's such a crappy way to keep score" and he's right! We shouldn't completely base our success on what that stupid scale says! (I hope I didn't break mine today after I stomped on it yelling at it to change hahahaha) But I am the queen of recognizing and sharing NSV's every day and that is really the measure of success. How do our clothes fit? How people notice our weight loss. The things we CAN do since we have lost the weight! How we feel all around!

So I took my measurements to ease my mind a little bit and in three weeks I lost  1.5" off my waist and 3" off my bust. 
I'll take it!

So I am shaking my mood and moving on with my day! Today is my SPA DAY!! I am so so excited. I have never had a professional massage (You'd never know my little sister just became certified in massage .. I have a hot stone massage scheduled for 10:00 and I plan to get in a really GOOD workout at some point today.

Oh before I go.. I saw this blog a while ago and I am so upset that I can't find it to link it. (If you are reading this blog and I'm talking about yours, please let me know so I can link you!) .. anyway she made something called an "I know I CAN" and it basically was a really cute, decorated coffee can type of thing. Then every time she felt discouraged, she would make a little note to stick in or on the outside of her can and on the note it would say something that she CAN do since she had lost 50+ pounds. I thought it was a SUPER cute idea.. I am definitely making one for myself when I can make it to the craft store!

ADDENDUM:  Thank you The Evolution of Me for providing me with the link!! You can see the I know I CAN Here - "Ah..Me SO Hongry!" :)

I also saw something on the Weight Watchers FB, which was about rewarding yourself for small goals.  17 Wars to Reward Yourself (On a budget!)  This is super important. You can click that link for all the suggestions but the idea that I am using is to put $10 away in a piggy bank or a bank account for every week that I stay on plan and when I reach goal, reward myself with a new wardrobe!

So anyway.. the moral of the story is don't let the scale beat you up and don't beat up your scale, reward yourself for small victories, and don't use JUST the scale to determine your success!

We are on the road to success and just the fact that we made up our minds to make a change is a victory in and of itself!!


Anonymous said...

I think this is the blog you're refferencing! I thought it was neat too!

I know what you mean about fighting with the scale. I'm going to blog about it in a bit, too. I haven't gained weight, but I'm starting to feel like the scale is my enemy. What's that saying? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Thanks friend!

All I can say is that weight loss is NOT a race. If you keep at it, the pounds will melt off weather you're watching it happen or not.

Paulina said...

Congrats on this weeks loss, girlie. I also tend to the let the scale "score" my weight loss, however, my mom always reminds me not to do this. We'll work on this together. :)

Have fun at your spa day!!

Miesha Roshawn said...

I'm new to your blog! Great topic :-). I will be following you, check my blog out and follow if you'd like?! I'm still on my journey but have lost 110 pounds and counting! It can be done, keep pushing yourself!

Katie Potter said...

I know the feeling on the scale thing. Unfortunately... it works the other way too. lol I still keep track of the scale but I also do my measurements each week too. Sometimes I can try to trick myself into thinking I wasn't REALLY that bad this week based on the scale.... until I pull out the tape measurement. It keeps me honest. :) AND I LOVE the coffee can idea! I am sooooo checking it out.

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