Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well, what is it?? - BB Coach Brief

It's official.

After over a year of contemplating this opportunity and countless coaches telling me I should consider it, I finally became friends with Daniell, who convinced me enough was enough - it's time. 

What does being a Beachbody coach entail?? 

Basically everything I am already doing as "Skinny Jeans Dreams" except it allows me to reach more people, help more people, change more lives, while also giving me the opportunity to essentially start a business.

There are no certifications or special requirements to be a coach - just a willingness to help people and the desire to get and stay in shape and live the healthiest life possible. It also helps if you enjoy and use and talk about the programs that Beachbody offers (Reference my constant pictures and posts about Turbo Fire and Insanity - both Beachbody programs) !!

^ ^ ^  After reading the above, and if you have been following my page for any period of time, you can see why this is a perfect fit for me!!

So what changes??


Whether or not you are on TeamBeachBody.com, whether or not I am your assigned coach, I am still Krystle. I am still Skinny Jeans Dreams. And I am still here to help any and everybody who comes to me with questions, comments, needs advice, just wants to talk, whatever! I have done that since day 1 and will continue to do so.

Beachbody just gives me the opportunity to take what I am already doing and grow as an individual by working with thousands of people after the same goals, meet new people, and to grow a business at the same time.

How do I make money? 

When someone is interested in buying a Beachbody program and does so through my coach page (providing they do not already have an assigned coach), I will earn money and as I grow my team (i.e. bring new coaches on board with me) I will earn money as well.

This is a great opportunity for me grow and I thank you in advance for all your support!!! I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for me!

If you have any more questions regarding this or you would like to talk about Beachbody programs/coaching opportunities, please email me directly at KrystleOnFire@gmail.com 

In health and fitness,
Skinny Jeans Dreams 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Breakfast Goodness!

Every once in a blue, I post a recipe. My breakfast was exceptionally delicious this morning so I thought I'd share!!

A little hefty in the way of points for a breakfast but I was SO hungry! And I have 2 workouts planned for today so it's all good.

307 Calories

100% whole wheat English Muffin
1 Whole egg - Fried (I used smart balance pan spray though - not oil)
1/8 cup Sargento low fat mozzarella cheese
1oz Oscar Meyer carving board turkey breast
1tbsp Garlic artichoke hummus
1 BIG slice of tomato
1 slice red onion
Handful of baby spinach 

-Toast the muffin, cook the egg, heat the turkey and onion, melt the cheese, ASSEMBLE. Not too hard but way too tasty!

Don't skip out on breakfast!! If you don't have time to cook, there are plenty of easy, healthy options!! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets you up for a successful day ahead. Happy Friday!


Monday, October 8, 2012

My Honey

Prepare for some sentimental mushiness. 

One day when I write my book, this blog post will be entire chapter.
This post goes to one person: Nick. 

For those of you who don't know, Nick is my other half - most often referred to as "my honey".

Someone asked me tonight how I have time to do all that I do and still be a mommy and as I thought about the answer to that question, I looked around my living room and caught a glimpse of Nick lying on the couch - there is my answer. This man has been everything to me and more!

From D-Day when I decided to lose the weight, Nick was the one who told me to go after my goals and never look back. He told me "There is nothing to it but to do it babe. I support you". A lot of people can SAY they support you but Nick is the epitome of what it means to have someone in your corner 100% of the time. To be there through every up and down, both figuratively and literally.

 Allow me to note that Nick has never had a weight issue, never had a food issue, was always active and in shape. He put on a few pounds when I was pregnant but that's about it. He has no personal experience with this, cannot understand this journey from a personal perspective, yet has somehow managed to understand ME every step of the way. 

I remember my first gain. I cried my eyes out like a fool. Nick was there to talk to me. He reminded me that the weight didn't get there over night and that this wasn't something that was going to happen without hard work but that I could do anything and that he would support me along the way.

I remember our walks early on. I would always yell at him for walking too fast (and too far!) and he would always encourage me to keep pushing and "stop being lazy". I also remember the first day he had to work to keep up with ME several months later and pointed it out by saying something to the effect of "Look at how fast you're walking babe! Remember when....."

I remember the first time he really pointed out my weight loss as I was getting ready for Weight Watchers one morning at the crack of dawn and he said "Dang Krystle, you look like a different person these days" 

The comments over the past two years such as: 

"Wow, look at your arms"
"You're so ripped" (even when I was clearly NOT!)
"Don't give up babe"
"I know it must be hard but I am here for you. You can do this"
"I'd love you at any weight" 
"You have come SO far" - his response when I told him I wanted to be a fitness instructor

***Cue the tears***

He has eaten every meal I have ever put on the table and complimented it - some more than others but has never complained, not even once, about what kind of dinner is served or what is kept in the house. 

The mornings when I first fell in love with fitness and I was doing Zumba for the Wii. He would walk out the door to work and say "You're about it 'bout it. Good job!"

I remember the first time I did Turbo Fire and thought I might die. He watched me and told me how good I was doing then a few months later, as he was watching me again, told me "You look just like them. You could teach this DVD yourself" 

Every week, every pound lost, he would give me a modest "good job" as I reported my weight loss to him but it wasn't those moments that meant the most. It's the moments that I was down and out or thought about quitting that have always meant the most to me. He has always been there.

I've pursued a gazillion different workouts over the past 2 years - some involving leaving the house, others in the living room. Whenever I want to go to the gym, he has been there to take care of our daughter so I can take care of myself. When I want to run, he offers to run with me.

The other day, as I was leaving the house to go to the gym, I sent him a text that said "Thank you for supporting me in all that I do. I appreciate you" to which he responded "Baby, you're amazing. I love you" 

But the thing that I love most about Nick when it comes to my journey is that he loved me from day one. He saw me as the most beautiful woman in the world when I gave birth to his daughter at 270+ pounds. He never pushed me to lose weight, only encouraged me.

He has watched me transform and loved me through
  every calorie,  
every pound,  
every drop of sweat,  
every weigh in,  
every tear
every workout
every binge
every regret
every victory
and now he gets to love and enjoy the new Krystle both physically and mentally.

Someone once asked me to ask him if he loved the new Krystle or the old Krystle more. His response was "The new Krystle loves HERSELF more but I just love you".

I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for a man like Nick.
He is the wind beneath my wings.

To my honey, 

Thank you for ALL that you are - an incredible man, an incredible father, and an incredible friend. 

I love you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A track-less week

It's been a week and a half that I haven't tracked and other than my one Weight Watchers weigh in, it has been that long since I have weighed myself and I honestly could not be happier!!

Disclaimer: I swear by Weight Watchers and having a plan to follow in order to lose weight. 

But I do think that there comes a time when you can take everything you learned from a certain program and apply it to life. You go to college, you follow a program, you learn lessons, you make mistakes, you get good grades, bad grades, and when you're done you don't forget everything you learned while you were there just because you don't have homework anymore. Similarly, I think there comes a point in this journey that you can gather up all your lessons and APPLY them.

Which is what I am working on... 

I have not felt "full" all this time. I have been very aware of when I am hungry and when I'm not. I have also found that I have eaten way less junk that I would typically throw into my menu simply because "I have points for it". Since I don't know how many points I am using or not using, I am really focusing in on healthy foods and hunger signals as well as the importance of keeping up on my workouts - not because I know I need the activity points but because I know that working out is part of living a long term healthy lifestyle.

I can't say for sure if this is a success for the simple fact that I have not weighed myself either. All I know is that I FEEL good. My clothes are fitting wonderfully. I haven't felt bloated in over a week AT ALL. The less sugary desserts I indulge in, the less I want it and saying "no" is becoming easier and easier. I'm HAPPY....and not stressed!

Working on creating healthy habits for life. 

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