Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's GIVEAWAY time!!!!

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A toast to weight loss.

I've thought about this post for months wondering what I would say and how it would come about when it was time to write it. I have gone through so many little stories in my head and thought about how I would feel when the day came and now that it's here, I do not have enough words to use to adequately explain how I felt yesterday.

Yesterday, May 26th, 2012, I reached my goal weight. I saw a number on the scale that I haven't seen since I was a child and more importantly I saw my dreams and my goals come to life. I saw a goal come to LIFE after working my behind off to reach it for one year, eight months, and 9 days and I conquered a battle that has plagued me for my entire life. There are not enough words in the world to explain how that feels.

So let's toast. Raise your water bottles, please:

For the first thought of "I need to lose some weight"
to "How am I going to lose this weight?"
to "Okay, I know what to do to lose weight....let's see what I can do"....
to "I'm losing weight. I feel good....I'm gonna keep going"
to "Maybe I should set some goals..."
to "Wow I actually reached that goal...maybe I should set a new one" 
to "I need some smaller clothes"
to "I need smaller clothes again..."

For the weekly weigh ins,
the unheard of amount of water daily,
the fruits and the veggies,
and for more veggies...
for choosing a salad over a cheeseburger
for finding new solutions for the sweet tooth
for home cooked meals and counting points,
for food scales and measuring cups,
for tracking, weighing, and measuring my life back into my hands....

For new habits and broken old ones. For a new lifestyle.
For the walks, the runs, the jumps, the swims, the weights, the bike rides, the DVD's....

For pushing just a little bit harder...

For the 250's
The 200's
For ONEderland
For the 190's...
the 180's...
the very very drawn out 150's....

For all the
"I don't feel like tracking anymore"
"Do I have to be on Weight Watchers forever?"
For the acceptance of the cards I was dealt...

For the love of Weight Watchers.

For the, "I don't know if I have it in me to get to goal. These last few pounds are so hard"
and the "I'll do it eventually"
and the "You can do it Krystle, don't give up"

For goals made
and for goals reached...

For every loss, every gain, every struggle, every victory, every injury, every recovery, the good times and bad times, the inspiration, motivation, speed bumps, slip ups, set backs, come backs, and so on.....

For my inspiration and the reason that started it all: Elliana Joy.

....this one is for you....

Weigh in: 148.6lbs
Loss: 2.6lbs
Total loss: 105.4lbs

One Hundred And Five pounds that I will never, ever, see again in my life.


Because I Believe.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sum of Small Efforts

Man this has been a GREAT week!! I feel like lately I have been doing a lot of "Oh welll...tomorrow's a new day" kind of thing or Monday morning cleanups from the weekend but for the first time in a while I can say that this entire week has been ON POINT and I am sooooo looking forward to reaping the fruits of my labor on Saturday.
First of all, I haven't touched my weekly points allowance. I have used like TWO of them. (Normally I use them all by the time Monday rolls around). I have been so focused every single day. Then I have been back to working out since Tuesday. I hit the gym Tuesday for a while, I did Turbo last night, and had a KILLER run/stair climb with my sister in law. Who knows what tomorrow has in store!

after Turbo Fire last night
Anyway, I want to talk about today. It was just a really, really great day and everything I have been working for the past 20 months basically was put on a pedistal as I sat back and thought to myself  "Kudos, Krystle. Kudos. You worked for this "

1) This morning my sister in law and I went for a run. We started out with no plan in mind and with barely breaking a sweat, jogged a mile. Then kept going. We got to the Taj Mahal and I challenged her to a stair climb suggesting that we climb the steps 10x up and 10x down. (360 steps each way). We killed it. 1.4 mile jog bag. I had to take a few walking breaks on the way back but at the end we sprinted as fast as we could and I pushed to the point that I felt like I was going to throw up - Yes, I am proud of that.

2) We decided to go to the pool at The Golden Nugget after our run. I took the day off to spend some time with relaxing with her. I put on my bathing suit that shows more skin than I have ever shown in public. While that alone, is an NSV, laying there after my run proud of how I look and not feeling self conscious was the greatest victory of all. I felt like everything I had been working for for so long was out in the open for the world to see and I was PROUD!

3) In a very non-judgemental way, I noticed that there were several very over weight people around at the pool and I watched their mannerisms remembering how uncomfortable I was in the not so distant past in my own skin. The self conscious feeling. The uncomfortable heat. Then I remembered how I was feeling right then in that moment and it solidified for me where I was never going back. I never want to be on the other side of the "world" again. Sadly, that's how it feels. When you have experienced both sides of the spectrum, they feel like 2 different worlds.

4) We went to lunch after the pool and I was so focused. I really wanted pasta and chicken. I didn't feel like just veggies. I felt nutrient deprived so I opted for a more hearty meal. So I asked if they had a whole wheat pasta option and ordered a dish with grilled chicken on top but asked the waitress to please ask the kitchen if they could measure out one cup of pasta for me. They did! When it came out, I split the dish down the middle, ate half, and walked away feeling so satisfied and so in control.

5) The whole notion of "Eating to live, not living to eat" has finally begun to take root in my brain and if you ask me, that's the key to this whole thing. Once you have that, you're in the money. The seed still needs lots of TLC and some watering but it's beginning to grow roots in this mind of mine and I am certainly happy about that!!

6) I worked a Weight Watchers meeting tonight and since I hadn't sent my monthly employee weigh in yet and it is due tomorrow AND since my territory manager just so happened to be there, I decided to weigh in and send it with her. I was hoping it was just slightly lower than my last Saturday weigh in since I normally weigh in in the morning and this was 6:00 at night. WELL.....last Saturday I was 2.2lbs away from goal. TONIGHT - 0.4lbs away from GOAL!!!!! Official weigh in is Saturday so I can only hope that the scale agrees!!! I had the BIGGEST party in my head I couldn't focus on anything else!

7) Came home on top of the world. My honey ordered those wings that I made him keep away earlier in the week and they didn't even tempt me in the least. I'm so focused. So on plan. So determined!!!!!!!!

**Shouting from Cloud 9, "CHEERS!!!"**

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Surviving the Buffet - A Skinny Jeans 12 Step Plan

So this week, of all weeks, happens to be my boyfriend's father's birthday. My boyfriend wants to take him and the family to the buffet at Harrah's Casino. This week I also happen to be trying to reach my goal weight. 2.2lbs left to lose. My plan to do this has been to not use any or to only use very few weekly points and stick to my daily points allowance.


ehh....maybe. But thankfully I know how to survive the buffet and I am 1,000% sure I will do so!!!

Some may look at a buffet and see a disaster waiting to happen. That used to be me! However, in the past year and a half, being that we live in Atlantic City and gamble pretty often, I have been to a bazillion buffets and just about have it down to a science and I see the buffet as an unlimited amount of fruits, vegetables, salad, and other power foods that KRYSTLE does not have to prepare!

Here is my 12-Step program for surviving the buffet. I am not a PRO, but I have survived it before so here is what works for me and my plan for tomorrow:

Step 1: Plan ahead. Choose to follow the Simply Filling plan for the day where you just eat power foods OR plan ahead by eating foods low in points for the beginning of the day, focusing on fruits and vegetables and things that will keep you full for longer periods of time and not have you hungry, hungry by the time you reach the buffet. I think I'm going with the latter tomorrow.

Step 2: Drink a butt load of water before you get to the buffet so your tummy feels satisfied.

Step 3: Sit down at your table, get a drink, and hang out for a little before hitting the food.

Step 4: Salad table first. Mainly veggies/beans/etc.. Very little (or none at all) cheese/croutons/etc... I also plan to bring my spray bottle of balsamic vinegar (0PPs)

Step 5: Eat slowly. Enjoy the company. Don't rush to finish your plate to get to the main course.

Step 6: Digest your salad. Assess how hungry you still are, if at all.

Step 7: Scan the ENTIRE buffet before making a decision on another plate. Take note of all the healthy options: Fish, vegetables, meat with no breading or sauces....

Step 8: Choose your veggies and fill half your plate with them.

Step 9: Choose your protein and have ONE serving. Just because there is a whole tray doesn't mean you need to get 3 servings worth.


Step 11: Remind yourself this isn't the last time you will see macaroni and cheese/ribs/fried chicken and this isn't the last time you will EAT! You don't need to eat like you never have before. You are most likely full at this point.

Step 12: Order coffee to distract your mouth and your mind from the dessert tray but if you MUST, find the smallest dessert there is and enjoy it then call it a night!

I also plan to write my anchor on my finger again tomorrow. The last two days, I have had the word "FOCUS" written on the side of my pointer finger and this has been HUGE for me. I got through this weekend with only using a few of my weekly points and not feeling like I have to do the Monday Morning Cleanup for my weekend actions!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little persistence: My 1st Race

I've WALKED in a bazillion 5K's (even before my weight loss began). I have always done things for charity and such so walking a 5K was no big thing. Last year, when the WW Walk-It Challenge started, I decided I was going to train to run the 5K. I started by running 30 seconds at a time, then 1 minute at a time, followed by 1 minute of walking....and so on.

In a blog, dated April 13, 2011 (that you can read here) I talk about how I am up to running 3 minutes at a time but that I am nervous because in a few days I am supposed to be running 7 minutes at a time and "Krystle Bailey simply can not run for 7 minutes at a time" ........

Sooo...if you have been following my blog for a while and even if you haven't, you know that I am injury prone!!! I never used to be this way...but then again, I never used to be active. So shortly after I started to train to run that 5K, I also began Turbo Fire. A week into Turbo Fire, I fell and "sprained" my ankle (Which actually turned out to be a small fracture but that's another story for another day). So, needless to say I couldn't run. That didn't keep me from walking though! I went on to walk that 5K despite my discouraging injury and I put running on hold.

at the finish line of the Walk-It Challenge 5K

a closer pic from April 2011
Fast forward.....I start running again....back injury....can't run......

Fast forward again........

May 12, 2012.

I had been running again for a couple of months on and off. I do what I can, when I can given my several injuries that act up now and again. A week prior to this date, I learned that the Shirley Mae Breast Cancer 5K run was coming up on Saturday. Sooo....why not? I can try to run it and see how far I get. My boyfriend agrees and we decide to run it together.

Race Day. I set 3 goals for myself:
  1. Don't be the first one to take a walking break.
  2. Don't stop running until you at least reach the half way point.
  3. Finish in under 35 minutes.

-It was exhilarating to see people stop to walk while I still had more to give and was passing them!

-Half way seemed like forever but I ran all the way and then some before I took a walking break!

-Not only did I finish in under 35 minutes.......

OFFICIAL CHIP TIME: 32:30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I placed 485 out of 673.

**and for the record, I beat my boyfriend by 30 seconds!

In the blog mentioned before, I said "This time next year my blog will be saying "I lost 100lbs and have ran several marathons!" Stay tuned!! ;)"

Well friends, it's "this time next year" and I LOST 102lbs! Unfortunately, when I posted this I didn't know how many injuries I would suffer but I am proud to say that I have finally RUN my first official 5K race and have never given up!!!

A setback is simply a setup for a comeback!

*with that being said, I am dealing with a foot injury currently but after posting this blog today, I know that I will only continue to reach for my goals despite the speed bumps in the road!!*

I look forward to seeing what I will be posting this time next year!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Graduation Pics!

A little late but better than never! Here are my pics from graduation!!! It was an absolutely incredible day. The ceremony was short and sweet and of course I cried! Not as much as I thought I would though. Then my family came out to show me love for my party :) I ate and drank...and drank... and Monday morning I was right back on the ball!! My clothes don't feel tight and the scale, at my occasional glance, is showing the love so I guess I didn't do too bad!!

My advisor who made the whole thing possible!
Making mommy proud!

and my stepmom (and of course, my daddy in Heaven!)

My step dad showing me love at my party
We've been friends since 7th grade!
My honey's parents
the ladies at my party!

Never thought I'd be graduating with a 2 year old!

Thank you for all the congratulatory messages and comments!!! Thank you all for being a part of my life outside of just my weight loss journey. :)

<3 KJB

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pomp And Circumstance

I'M GRADUATING COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday morning I will be walking across that stage to receive my diploma. Six years ago I set out to get my degree somewhat expecting it to be a straight and narrow path. HA! Who was I kidding? Nothing worth having comes easy.

I originally didn't have any desire to go to college after high school. It wasn't until a friend of mine who was applying to schools convinced me that I wanted to go and got me an interview for a financial assistance program at the school she was planning to attend.

I applied and got accepted.

I went away to live at tschool at first, had stupid boy problems, friendship issues with the first year at school, my good friend was in a bad car accident, and so on and I ultimately moved home. That was just the first of changes to come. I went back and forth from living on campus at a nearby school to living at home with my mom, to living in Las Vegas with my aunt, to living with my grandmom, then back to school, and ultimately living with my boyfriend. In the midst of my college career, my father suddenly passed away at the young age of 43. I was devastated. I didn't know how I was going to continue to function. I had to drop a class because I couldn't take the work load along with everything going on. I thought about dropping out but I knew that
1) I had come too far and
2) My daddy would be dissapointed if I dropped out so I kept on pushing.

A month later, I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl. I continued to go to school throughout my entire pregnancy however since I still needed an internship in the major I was in, I had to switch majors for what was now the third time. I finished that school year and at eight months pregnant, moved all my belongings again into my new apartment with my boyfriend. I took a semester off to be home with my baby girl then went back to school part-time last year.

Since then I have worn so many hats in one day. I've raised my now two year old daughter, built an incredibly strong relationship with my honey, worked full time, went to school, AND lost 100+lbs and became "skinny jeans dreams", became a fitness addict, and recently became a Weight Watchers employee part-time.

Back in 2006, I never would have imagined that I would be graduating
1) Without my daddy being physically present,
2) Having a two year old and
3) 100 pounds lighter.

You never know what God has in store for you. All I know is that, like my friend Daphne said this morning, I've worn many caps lately but the cap I will wear Sunday will be the finest of them all!!

I can't wait to post pictures!!

***Last weekend I worked on living life as a "healthy" person and not just a person on Weight Watchers. It worked!! I lost 1.4lbs this week and am back to -101.6. I hope that I can do the same this weekend and this week! However, I'd be lying if I said I didn't plan to let my hair (or lack there of) down this weekend to celebrate six years in the making!!!***

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