Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stop Dieting..Start Living

This morning when I woke up I said to myself "I don't want to do anything today. I don't want to clean. I don't want to work out. I just want to RELAX with my boyfriend and our daughter"...

Now I realize that at this point in my life EXERCISE = RELAXATION.

We were out on the boardwalk by 8am and what started as a casual stroll turned into a 7 mile walk!! We walked 2.5 miles to the park and stopped to play with our princess:

Then we walked a little further to the Library (which was closed!) so we walked all the way back home..another 2.5 miles. Then walked another 1/2 mile to lunch at Johnny Rockets and another 1/2 mile back! And I enjoyed every minute of it!!! I have a Turbo Fire workout scheduled for later too!

I didn't even realize how far we walked until I got home and looked on Google maps!! lol The plan is to do it again tomorrow! I wish every weekend was a 3 day weekend!!

Today I really wanted a milkshake. SO GUESS WHAT I DID??! .. You better believe.. I had myself a milkshake! A kids one.. and I TRACKED IT! And since I knew the milkshake was going to be high in points, I skipped on the burger that I also wanted and got a grilled chicken sandwich (Sub side salad instead of fries) and I just ate the chicken out of the sandwich. Small changes make a world of difference! That's why WW isn't a DIET.. it's seriously just a new way of life. 


I was talking to my boyfriend's sister yesterday (who is also my friend.. she actually introduced me to my boyfriend!) but she was asking about my weight loss and she was so impressed that I had lost 56lbs and she told me that when I reach 100lbs gone, she is going to give me a bag of something weighing 100lbs and make me hold it and tell me that I will NEVER have to carry that weight around again!! 

You know my emotional butt - TEARS! lol But it's so serious...think about how much 100lbs is to lift!! & to think I have been carrying around that extra weight on my body for such a long time is hard to comprehend! 

*When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe.. then you will be successful!* 

Set your goals. Don't stop until you reach them. Then set some new goals.  Point. Blank. Period.



Bonnie said...

love that your friend is so's so important to have support like that surrounding you. Kudos on the great food choices your made and the walk sounds awesome!!!!!!!

Keep up the loss, you look great!!!

Unknown said...

It honestly is amazing how much you can walk without even realising it, its one of reasons why i started using my pedometer again. I went out today and it only ended up being for couple hours as nephew got tired but i did most of my days steps whilst i was there.

Small changes make such a big difference, majorly well done on only eating the chicken out the sandwhich and having salad!


Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Thanks ladies!! It is crazy how much you can when you aren't focused on asking yourself "When is this workout over??" ..I stopped paying attention to time when I do my activity and realized how much MORE I get in!

Thanks for the comments!

its_ashley said...

i love the idea of nicks sister having u hold 100lbs after its all gone!!! I watch of course Real Housewives of NJ and Caroline once said she may die tomorrow and her last tought may be i wish i had that piece of cheesecake last nite. and so she eats in moderation and enjoys it when she has it. But later works out harder. so im glad u were able to have that milkshake u def deserve it!!!

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