Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life is GOOD. God is GREAT!

I don't have any tips or anything in this blog.. just sharing my happiness with my followers! I have such an awesome family, set of friends, and amazing boyfriend and daughter. My boyfriend really is my ROCK.. he has been my backbone through this weight loss journey as well as every other aspect of my life! I was just saying to him that it's such a comfortable feeling to come home to your family every night. :)

A couple NSV's today - 
* My apartment building has security guards on duty 24/7 and the guy who works in the morning who barely says two words other than "Goodmorning" or "You have a package".. said to me today: "I have to ask, and I hope you don't mind me asking - What kind of diet plan are you on?? You are dropping so much weight, I can't help but to notice!" .. it made me feel really good! Especially when 2 minutes later I saw my Realtor who said "Omg Krystle you are getting SO THIN!!" .. :)  *Whoo Whoop!*

*I took a picture of me and my daughter (shown below) and compared it to an older picture.. and thought to myself - WOW I HAVE CHEEKBONES??! lol

Vs. This picture of us from Christmas 

* Went to the buffet AGAIN (Free and really wanted dessert after but passed up on the red velvet cupcake that is OH SO yummy for a small scoop of sugar free gelato.. and I told the guy to give me half of the normal size! I didn't feel deprived at all. 

There is a curve called failure, 
A loop called confusion,
Speed bumps called friends,
Red lights called enemies, 
Caution lights called family, 
You will have flats called jobs, but
If you have a spare called determination,
An engine called perseverance,
Insurance called faith,
A driver called desire, 
You will make it to a place called SUCCESS!
-Author Unknown

Have a blessed night!!


Paulina said...

You are so beautiful, Krystle! Isn't it awesome to see progress in the form of pictures? Sure, it can be embarrassing (at least for me), but it's great to see how far we have come.

Congrats on those two awesome compliments! You ARE doing a great job, and I'm glad that people in "real life" are letting you know. (As opposed to just us blog peeps letting you know)

Keep up the fab work, girlie!

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Thanks mama!! I love comparing pictures with similar poses.. it's crazy! You keep up the great work also. I have been dying to try this hot yoga you speak of! haha

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