Monday, May 9, 2011

What's Your Habit Going To Be??

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there!! 

Hope everyone had a great day! I know I did!

So I got on the scale yesterday... dun dun dun...after a week of not doing any cardio because of this bum ankle injury (of course which made me mopey and dumpy so on top of it I comfort ate!)...

GAINED 4 POUNDS!!!  I could have cried. I was upset for a little bit but I had a talk with myself..and with my mom and my boyfriend.. and came to my senses.

I took the gain for the lesson that it provided instead - It just goes to show that my old habits are a thing of the past. Sitting around all week and comfort eating is no longer an option for me. As much as hard work and dedication pays off, doing NO work does the complete opposite! So it is what it is.. I am more determined than ever to get it off this week!! 

My ankle isn't 100% but I did Turbo Fire on low impact today because I was CRAVING that intense sweat. The low impact version isn't as much of a workout as it is when you do all the jumping jacks and squat jumps but it still gets the job done! I plan to do some toning and sculpting this evening.

On an up side.. I went to my mom's house for breakfast yesterday and when there was a slew of compliments from her, my sister, and my grandparents about how skinny I looked! It felt good and really made me forget about the 4 pounds!

Major NSV!!  - My mom and stepdad gave me a mother's day present, which included a shirt and a air diffuser thingy. Anyway, the shirt is a size LARGE! (Coming from a girl who used to only be given 2X or 3X clothes!) .. I was so excited to try it on.. and it fit perfectly!!! Super exciting.

 (I don't have makeup on yet today lol but this is the shirt! I love it!)

I also got some gift cards from my honey and his parents as well as some cash to get some new clothes! But I'm gonna wait until I hit a size 12 to use them. I am on my way out of a 14 now!!  Although I am excited/nervous to buy a bathing suit!!

Here are some pics of my amazing family and me on Mother's Day::

 *Chilling in the yard ^

Left to right - My sister, my grandmother, my mommy, and myself ^

My sister, my grandmother, and myself ^

My little sister and myself ^

My reason for it all, my daughter ^

With my sister and our momma! ^

Here's to a great, OP, fit week ahead!! Let's do this!!

It takes 21 days to create a habit.. what's your habit going to be??? I'm on that workout high and I'm not coming down!



Alexis said...

Your such an inspiration. :) so proud of u!

Anonymous said...

You're looking GREAT! Don't be scared of that swim're gonna ROCK it! Weight loss can be a roller coaster- enjoy the down more than the up and you'll be just fine!

Kelty said...

You look great in those photos! Glad you had a nice day! Those 4 pounds can come off, but lessons learned are harder to get rid of, so don't worry too much!

Tracy said...

Beautiful family!! first, tell mom she doesnt like old enough to have grown daughters never mind be a grandma, second, tell grandma she is the mother of the family!! You all look great!

What your doing today is going to pay off for your daughter for the rest of her life. God Bless!

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