Sunday, May 22, 2011

Short & Sweet summary of our trip & WW 5K!

Hola! Our little trip was AWESOME! I loved loved loved the time with my family! We went to visit some friends in Maryland, went through DC, stayed over night in VA, DID THE WEIGHT WATCHERS 5K!!, and spent this afternoon in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!!

Like I said before, I didn't end up running the 5K because of my stinkin ankle but the walk with the family was very enjoyable! We didn't rush to finish or care about our time so it took us about an hour. People of Weight Watchers are so motivating!! Everyone clapped for each other as we passed one another. :)

 My only criticism would be that next year they put a little more time and effort into the planning of the event. It was kinda bootleg lol But I'm thinking next year I will organize one closer to home if no one else does!! Here are some pics of our trip::
My honey, my daughter, and me in Georgetown 

Yours truly!

Me at the finish line!!

My family at the finish line of the 5K

Although I completely did not track my food!! Not regretting it though. I don't think I overdid it TOO TOO much but I definitely could have done better. I want to say that I wish food wasn't an experience for me but it SO is.. and I honestly think that it's part of living! I think enjoying the tastes of life is simply part of enjoying life to the fullest. Of course in moderation and I can honestly say that at no point this weekend did I stuff myself. I stopped when I was satisfied! Which after all is the point of WW - learning to enjoy food in moderation!

Our delicious shared entrees - Shrimp Caesar Salad & Paella 

Goals for the week:
  • Start the Turbo Fire calender tomorrow - complete the whole 90 days
  • Lose at least .1 so I can be officially back in ONEderland
  • Drink at least 100oz of water per day 
Although on Thursday we are going to Viking Cooking School at Harrah's so I don't know.. I might have to do a round about on the tracking as far as that goes! I will save extra points that day for dinner and get in a little extra workout!!

 Short & sweet.. I'm exhausted!! Here's a to a great week ahead!!!


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