Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Thoughts ;; Count your blessings!

A few random thoughts: 

  1. It's crazy to think how only six months ago I was saying "All I have to do is walk 30 minutes on the treadmill every day and I'll be good to go".. and now I start my days with crazy, all out, intense cardio training with Turbo Fire. I was talking to my girl Michelle today and she is doing Insanity. We decided that when we finish the program we are currently on, we'll swap Turbo Fire for INSANITY. Just the fact that I even had a conversation like that and actually meant what I said, is NUTS for me! I never in a million years would have thought I would be HERE - a fitness addict!!
  2. I'm starting the Turbo Fire calender on Monday and going through the whole 90 day challenge. I have been doing it whenever I want, just choosing random DVD's to do. I'm excited to see the results after the 90 days! And even more excited to see the results after 90 days of TF and 90 days of INSANITY. holla!! 
  3. Went to my mom's for dinner tonight even though she warned me that she wasn't cooking very healthy (Baked mac and cheese and kielbasa).. but I planned ahead, measured my portions, tracked my points, and patted myself on the back! Job well done! 
  4. I know I have said this a bazillion times before but just for the record -My God is AWESOME! My man is my ROCK! My family is EVERYTHING!  ..My heart explodes when I think of how blessed I truly am!
*At the end of Fire 45 on TF, Chalene says, "Know how blessed you are to be able to work this hard!".. So true!! I thank God every single day for my health and being physically ABLE to make this change!!*

Love & hugs, 


lauren said...

how much did you pay for turbo fire? I love cardio workouts more than yoga because it gets me energized. I like the Jillian Michael's dvd and I can't do it any other time of day but the morning because if I do it at night i have too much energy and can't sleep!

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

I paid $85 for it I think on Amazon.. it was almost $100 after shipping though. If Jillian Michaels is gonna get you energized though, Turbo Fire will probably get you even more energized! I bounce off the walls after TF!

Katie Potter said...

I found on Shrink to Fit. Yea you!
Is Turbo Fire by Beachbody?? I'm doing Beachbody's Hip Hop Abs but am about to ramp it up to Insanity. I started Insanity before my wedding but had to stop because my dress was getting too big. (Ironic? No?)

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Aww thanks for following Katie!! Yes it's by Beach Body.. I think Hip Hop Abs is by Chalene Johnson too isn't it?? I love love love Turbo Fire.. I plan on doing Insanity after. That's too funny about your wedding dress!!


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