Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Focus On The Power of One Single Step

"Build a better world," said God.
I asked, "How? The world is such a vast place and so complicated now
and I'm so small. Where could I possibly start?"
God, in all His wisdom replied, 
"Start by building a better YOU!"
-Author Unknown

Hey! Hope everyone is well. Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days. Sometimes I have so many ideas to blog about that I can't organize them in my head and keep putting it off until I can come up with one really solid idea. lol 

A few things then I'll get to the meat of my blog today: 
  • ONEderland feels amazzzinnggg!! My friend Lauren said something to me on Facebook the other day that hit me so hard. She said "You will NEVER see the 200's on the scale again.. let that sink in for a minute.. NEVER AGAIN".. and of course, I cried! lol She is so right. I will not.. I repeat.. WILL NOT ever let myself weigh that much again!!! 
  • My ankle is still not in tip top shape. I thought it was good then I started working out again, doing Turbo Fire and such. (Which I lovvve!). I also walked in the March of Dimes walk on Sunday with my honey and his coworkers. The walk was 6.5 miles.. we cut it short but I think we did about 6 miles anyway after all was said and done. I had my ankle wrapped but then Monday it started hurting pretty bad again. I attempted Turbo Fire but couldn't do it. Yesterday I was in SUPER bad pain after I went food shopping so I iced and wrapped and all that good stuff and now today it still hurts. So I have been taking it easy as far as cardio goes! I am focusing on toning for now. 
  • I was feeling a little bummed about how loose my skin is now. I think after I have another kid (IF I have another kid) then I'm probably going to end up getting some kind of surgery for the skin but that won't be for a while! Until then, I will work on toning! 
    • My honey was leaving for work this morning and held my sides as he kissed me and he walked away and said "Your stomach feels tight!" ..I was like "MY STOMACH??!" lol .. it made me smile and gave me lots of motivation to keep working harder!!

Okay so the main thing I want to talk about today is MOTIVATION! I hear people say to me all the time things like,
"I need to do what you're doing, Krystle" 
"You inspire me. I wish I had time to do that too!"
"I can't afford any weight loss programs."
"I'm starting next week!....*then next week rolls around* .. I'm starting on Tuesday" .. you know that story. 

Well guess what??! And I am going to be very direct! STOP MAKING EXCUSES! 

If you want to do what I am doing then do it! You don't have to join Weight Watchers if you can't afford it. I know how tight money can be but you have the internet.. go online and look up ways to change your diet for the better. It doesn't cost a dime to take a walk outside!

I am an open book about how I do things, what resources I use, etc.. because I desperately want to help people to accomplish the same goals that I am working for myself. I don't want to hear anymore "I need to do what you're doing".. I want to hear "I AM DOING IT!".. "I joined the gym today", "I went for a walk today with my kids.. I am going again tomorrow"

Make exercise and weight loss part of your daily routine. I just completed my first semester back to school as a mother while working full time, taking care of my daughter, taking 2 classes, and managed to lose 30 more pounds during that time AND I got an A and a B.


How bad do you want it???

"The starting point of all achievement is desire. 
Keep this constantly in mind. 
Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire make a small amount of heat"
-Napolean Hill 

I got a really good email recently with fitness tips and on there was an article entitled No More Excuses: 18 Ways To Stick To Your Goals .(<---click for the article!) I made it a favorite in my email and bookmarked every article on there. This particular article points out common excuses people make to put their workouts and eating habits to the side. One particular one I found useful was what to do when everyone around you is ordering take out and it gave specific tips on how to eat healthy when take out is your only option at that point. There are a bunch of other tips on there.. it's definitely worth looking at!

I hope that this blog didn't come off too harsh. Just a little tough love! Shout out to those who said "I want to make a change. I need to make a change. I AM MAKING A CHANGE!" 
 We all have it in us to be just a little bit better. Let's do this people!! 
I said it before and I'll say it again: 
 Love your body for what it is. But if it needs changes for a healthier YOU.. then love it enough to make those changes. 


And remember: "Do not focus on the length of the journey but simply on the power of a single step. One step will get you started. One step will build momentum. One step will lead you to the end." -Andres Lara

*yes. I'm a sucker for quotes! ;)


Ashley said...

Krystle! I wanted to congratulate you on getting into ONEderland... it must feel amazing!! I think of you all the time with this, this journey that I'm on, and your words are so inspiring to me. Keep it up, mama <3

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Awww thanks girl!! You keep up the great work too. I'm gonna have to get a Tumblr so I can keep up with you lol. <3

Ashley said...

i need to learn to keep up with myself... i haven't posted in ages, lol. that's next on my list... =)

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