Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skinny Does Not = Healthy

The other day I got to thinking....recently I have had many thin people coming to me asking for help with motivating themselves to go to the gym or to eat better. My instant thought reaction is always "Girl, you don't need to lose weight.. cut it out!" But then I realize how many of these women may be naturally thin but are not healthy! Just because people look a certain way on the outside does not mean that they are healthy on the inside. These thin women have the same issues those of us with weight problems have, especially as we are getting older, having kids, and so on.
I was working out the other day doing a HIIT 25 workout (which if you have ever done a HIIT workout, you know it's no freakin' joke!!) As I finished the last Fire Drill with a bang, I felt so GOOD! Yea, I felt tired but I didn't feel like I was about to pass out or anything like I felt the first time I did a Turbo Fire workout. Then I started thinking about a few of my friends, THIN FRIENDS, who have said to me "damn HIIT 15 is serious!!!" (which is a very valid statement! Lol).

Which led me to this realization - Just because you are thin doesn't mean you are physically fit. On the same token, just because you are heavy doesn't mean you are not physically fit! I am still 193lbs but I can make it through a damn hard workout whereas maybe others who don't work out as often for whatever reason can't make it through that same workout right now. It's about endurance, persistence, and perseverance. Not about what you look like on the outside.

I always catch up on the blogs that I follow before I blog and I once again I came across one of my favorite blogs - Madame: The Journey of a Weight Loss*ista. She had an awesome post (<--previously linked) about a woman named Anowa Adjah, the self proclaimed "200-Pound Fitness Phenom" and she is JUST THAT! Check her out:

She's incredible!!

Obviously not everyone looks like that at 200lbs, including myself! But she is just living proof that the number on the scale is just that, A NUMBER. The real victories are in the hard work that you put in, the results you see, the way you FEEL, and the non scale victories!!

You can read more about at Madame's Blog or at Anowa Adjah's official site

So remember.. just the fact that you are here putting in the work to make a change is amazing in and of itself! Being sexy or healthy doesn't necessarily mean being thin. Society and whoever invented the stupid "healthy BMI range" are going to tell you that you have to be a certain weight for your height but I am here telling you that that's nonsense!! There should be more to the equation than just height and weight because there are more aspects to being healthy than just our weight. Anowa Adjah is living proof of that!

Keep pushing ladies and gentleman! Healthy is the new black! 



Kelty said...

That video was awesome! Talk about kick ass. Thanks for linking that post!!

Need to Get ME Back said...

Yeah I totally agree with you here. This has been coming up in my own life. I need to lose weight simply bc I am overweight. My sister keeps saying she wants to lose weight (at 130lbs) and I tell her she doesnt need to. However, she eats very poorly and never works out ever. So she is probably in worse shape than me physically just because she doesn't have endurance from being used to working out.

Altho can I be shallow and say I would rather be skinny and out of shape than overweight and healthier or in better shape? Just saying...

Unknown said...

I totally love this post.

It is so true though, so many of us focus too much on the numbers on the scales when we should focus more on our bodies.

Its about being healthy, eating right, getting moving. Its about your body having a low fat % rather than whether you weight 200lbs or 150.

Im trying really hard at the moment to get myself into exercise and this is such a great motivation to do so!

Thanks :)


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