Thursday, June 30, 2011

Set backs are bumps in the road, they are not the end of the roads.

I have been quite the slacker the last week or so. With blogging, with tracking, with working out, and so on. I hesitate to blog about it because I don't like to bring people down - only like to lift people up! 

Just a quick summary of the health issues I have been having:
  • Remember a while back I thought I sprained my ankle? Well I think I did more than sprain it. It's been over 2 months and it still hurts and there is a piece of bone in the wrong place or something. Anyway, I go to see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow and hopefully will get an x-ray. Status on that is pending but my primary told me to lay off the high impact workouts. 
  • My back has been having excruciating spasms. My doc says it's something with my SI joint. I feel frustrated because I feel like I should have had back problems at 250lbs - not after I have lost 60lbs. 
  • I'm losing my voice. I have been coughing for a couple days now and last night my body just felt so weak and tired and in pain. 
I hate complaining...I really do. So that's it - just wanted to fill in everyone who cares.

BUT...if there is one thing I have learned by now it's that God's plan is perfect - don't question it! So I am rolling with the punches.. taking it easy from the working out for a bit. I did yoga the other night (I even convinced my honey to try it with me! He was a trooper. ) and I have just been laying low.

I can't wait to run again though! I'm gonna train for another 5K as soon as I am back in action. My friend Kim (hey girl! I know you're reading this! lol) she has a hurt foot too but as soon as we are both better we're going to train together to run a 5K.. maybe not actually together but we will schedule our workouts together. Looking forward to that!

I love cyber workouts! My girl Nicole from Nicole's Weight Loss Challenges always hits me up for a personal workout challenge. Keeps me motivated! She always says "Even though we don't live in the same state doesn't mean we can't workout together!" 

I'm on track today! I know this weekend, especially Monday, will be difficult but after Monday there is no excuse! Focused, Focused, Focused! I have goals and I must reach them.

My honey sent me the sweetest FB message the other day telling me how proud he was of me. His support is the greatest!

I won't let you down babe! I won't let myself down. I won't let my daughter down. I won't let YOU down, bloggers! This is just a minor bump in the road!

"Set backs are bumps in the road, they are not the end of the roads."- Bob Greene


Unknown said...

I love that final comment, but its deffo true, we all have slip ups and its making it just that a slip up and not a failure. Keeping going is important.

I hope your injuries sort themselves out soon though i know how frustrating it can be having something holding you back.

Sarah xx

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