Monday, June 6, 2011

My Promise to YOU..and you and you and you!

So many awesome things going in my life..I sometimes just sit and cry when I think about how GOOD God truly is and how I (like many of us) have even had the nerve to question WHY things happened in the past because I am coming to realize that our lives are one big tangled web and all events interconnect some way, some how. When thing don't go OUR way, just remember, things always go GOD'S WAY.

I mentioned before that I am doing Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge to Master Organization and Achieve Your Goals. It may be too late to join this 30 day challenge but if you're not already doing it, I highly suggest it!! We are only on Day 6 but I am coming to realize what's truly important in my life and what's not. I won't get into a lot of detail because I want you all to experience it for yourself but I have to talk about the challenge for yesterday.

So far we have had to list our priorities, what we wouldn't compromise for ANYTHING. Then we had to list our top 10 goals and we will re-list our goals every week for four weeks. Within those top 10 goals, we had to find our PUSH goal, which is the 1-2 goals that once they are accomplished, the rest of your goals will fall into place. The challenge for yesterday is called The Important Person Promise.

Important Person Promise:

Basically, the point of this is to turn our PUSH goals into a promise. "I promise to _______" 

Then she asks us to write down the people that the achievement of our PUSH goal will most positively affect. 

Oh I guess I should tell you my PUSH goals first:
  1. Finish losing 100lbs 
  2. Be financially successful with my current job as well as the new business adventure I am beginning (That's for another blog!) 
So the people that I feel that achieving my PUSH goals will most positively affect are:
  1. My daughter - she will have a healthy, happy, and financially stable mommy. 
  2. My boyfriend - I will be able to contribute more financially and he will have a thin, healthy, happy girlfriend. 
  3. My family - They have all been concerned about me being overweight for so long and I believe that they are very happy to see me making the change. 
  4. You guys! - My friends, my WW friends, my blog followers. I know that when I see others succeed in their goals, it makes me want to push harder to achieve my own goals! 
The next part of the challenge was to name a person (or persons) who's opinion you GREATLY value. Someone who you would be devastated if you thought you let them down. 
  1. Nick (my boyfriend) - He is always on my tail making sure I am staying on point because he knows how important all these endeavors are to me and to our family. 
  2. My mom - My best supporting actress
The next part - and the reason I am writing this blog - is to call, text, email, whatever form of communication you want to use to tell the people on your list your promise! So here it is: 

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