Thursday, June 9, 2011

Loss of Control

Krystle!! Where are you???!!


This week I lost control...and I feel like crap for it. My schedule changed and everything else changed with it.. I didn't work out 1/4 as much as I would have normally. I ate like I had no sense. Granted, I tried my best to stop eating when satisfied but I still ate....and ate.........and ate.

Sunday - We went to the pool at Caesars and I was in "I'm relaxing today..not counting points" mode.

Monday - I did good all day until I went to an awards dinner where I received a grant for school. There I ate like I had no sense..even asked for a 2nd roll as if I needed it!!!

Tuesday - We had a dinner at The Pool at Harrah's for the trade show I mentioned previously. Again, I didn't count points and had two cosmos!

 Wednesday - I tracked everything and stayed OP

Today - I did good all day until we went to dinner and I would have done fine except I had to have that dag on dinner roll.

The only exercise I got was walking to and from the Convention Center from Monday through Wednesday, walking around the trade show, and I did a HIIT 25 workout on Tuesday. Today I tried to go for a run but my ankle was hurting (it's been acting up this week!) so I walked/ran for a half hour and called it quits due to too much pain.

So needless to say, I am really upset with myself!! I weigh in on Saturday..I SHOULD be going balls to the wall working out right now but instead I am sitting here with my daughter sleeping on my chest typing to you guys!!



Therefore.. I am motivating myself. Right here. Right now. I went super woman balls to the wall for months and only recently had a slight meltdown but I'm nipping it in the bud NOW.

Tomorrow = 3 workouts.

I'm putting it on my to-do list..3 workouts. My only hope is that I maintain my weight on Saturday morning. If I don't lose, I will be okay with that. I know I fudged up! But from here on out..I will not tolerate any more weeks like this from myself.  

I'm in this to win it....there is no other option.


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