Friday, June 3, 2011

Back To My Normal Self!

My boyfriend BUSTED my excuse bubble this morning & I am so grateful!!

So yesterday I was working out and in the middle of my Turbo Fire workout my body just shut down on me.. it wasn't that I was tired and didn't feel like doing it or anything.. my body just simply said, NO. So I listened and the rest of the day I felt so out of it!! My head felt all clouded with too many thoughts and I just felt plain old yucky.

This morning I woke up feeling blasé about working out..I moseyed around the house and decided I was going to go get blood work because maybe I had low iron or something that was making me feel that way.. and I already have a script for blood work anyway *Can we say excuse??!*

So I was talking to my boyfriend and he was like "You just posted a blog about excuses and you are sitting here making excuses. I think what you need to do is just can do it!!"

*mumbling under my breath:* .. He was right

So I took my excuse making behind outside with the jogging stroller and ended up going for a morning 5K walk/run.. broke a nice sweat, and felt absolutely WONDERFUL when I got home!! I was "back to my normal self".. which made me realize that MY NORMAL SELF includes exercise - daily. 

Things I noticed along the way:
  • Even after taking some time off from running I can still hang pretty long! I would look at a far point on the boardwalk and say "Okay I just need to run until there then I can walk for a little bit" and 9x out of 10 I made it to my destination plus some! 
  • As I ran, my strides got progressively longer, which I can only assume means that I am working more muscles. 
  • When you get lost in the things around you, you don't even realize how long you have been running!
Had to stop to capture this picture. So beautiful!
 Weigh In tomorrow and I'm excited!! I did really well this week so I hope it pays off...I have 18 more days to get to 60lbs GONE!

*Can't believe my princess will be ONE in only 18 days!!*


Anonymous said...

Lucky girl to have a guy to call you out when you're making excuses! And good for you on being able to take the suggestion in stride and DO something about it! Love what you said about exercise being part of the "back to normal" you. That's a great accomplishment! Keep up the awesome work, girl!

Kelty said...

Awesome! Sometimes we just need someone else to point out our excuses to us! Good luck on your weigh in!

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Thanks ladies!! It is a great accomplishment to feel like I NEED exercise! & yess I consider myself blessed more than lucky! He is a great motivator, provider, and friend!! He is awesome!

Thanks for reading!!

Lunges And Lipstick said...

This happened to me too...Its mainly because a burst of "shutdown" happens for reasons I do not know. I just tell myself in order to stay healthy and reduce the chances of me getting things that run in my family, I have to keep going...Its not even about the looks anymore, its about a healthy lifestyle. I want to be here for my family!

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