Friday, June 10, 2011

Adorable Blog Award! :D

I always see the "Adorable Blog Award" getting passed around and always hope someone will nominate me for it too and today the lovely Kristy Gets Fit nominated me! Thanks Kristy!! Can't wait to see your "after" picture!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog.
  • Tell us 10 things about yourself
  • Nominate other bloggers and let them know about the award   

  1. I'm a scorpio and I fit every stereotype out there about scorpios..although I am working on the not so flattering traits! 
  2. I day dream daily about what I will look like at 150lbs, how my clothes will fit, how my boyfriend will look at me, how I will feel, and so on.
  3. Weight Watchers changed my life.
  4. Before I die I MUST meet Jennifer Hudson and Chalene Johnson - both women have contributed in my success and I look to for constant motivation. 
  5. I live my life in snapshots. I capture everything on camera. 
  6. I refuse to buy a house (even if I could afford it right now) until I can afford a house cleaner also. Dusting, mopping, folding laundry - All my least favorite things to do. 
  7. I'm not completely a bad "house wife".. I love to cook! 
  8. I firmly believe that the devil himself played a part in creating online shopping. 
  9. I've never been at a point in my life where I could both FIT and AFFORD all the clothes I want. This journey + the second job I just picked up are going to be dangerous for me.
  10. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
Some blogs I love::

Sheryl @ *Bitch Cakes: A neurotic glamour girl's weight watchers experience and fitness adventures - coolest woman on the east coast!! Her blog is a must read! I love her stories and adventures.

Sarah @ Not An Effing Diet is freaking hilarious!

Lauren @ A Little Less of Lauren - Sweetest girl ever! Witty and outgoing and always leaves for a good laugh!

My girl Chantal @ Electrik Sunset - Her blog is about natural hair, her amazing thrift store details and more. She actually got me started with blogging because I loved her blog so much! She's a really awesome chic!

Paulina @ Fabulously Skinny - Adorable and sweet and she is awesome with the graphics!

Ms. Thunder Thighs herself

The Evolution of Me - Her transformation is incredible!!!

I love lots more blogs but these are my top favs right now!

Thanks again for the award Kristy!



Bonnie said...

Congrats girl!!! deserve it!

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Heyy there you are Bonnie! I was looking for your blog and couldn't remember the title.. just remembered your name lol

Anybody reading this comment check out Bonnie's blog too - Fat Be Gone!

Thank you!!

Lauren Jones said...

Hahaha, you're so right - lucifer himself created online shopping! And store cards...eeek!!! I find myself day-dreaming all the time about what it will be like at my goal weight - its definitely one of the best forms of motivation for me. Thank you so much for the award sweetie! :) xxx

Unknown said...


I think everyone dreams daily about what it will be like when they reach goal. All the things they can do, how will look, what will wear.

We will get there in the end


Sarah said...

Hey! Thanks for the award! That's so nice! I will check out some of the other blogs too!


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