Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick Chicken Fixin's

Hey! I have a few random things to say so I am breaking it up into two blogs so I don't overwhelm you with a super duper long blog because I personally hate reading super duper long blogs about a bunch of random things.

Anyway.. this one is short, no worries:

Yesterday I made a quick lunch and it came out SO GOOD!

All you need is: 
  • Chicken breast cooked any way you like it (I had mine on the George Foreman) 
  • Salsa
  • Tomato
  • Cheese (I use WW cheese for less PP's)
  • Sour cream 
You can pretty much guess the rest lol but I cooked the chicken (3 PP's), put down a layer of salsa (0 PP's), sliced tomato (0), 2 slices of WW cheese (2) - put it in the oven on 400 degrees for just a few min until cheese was melted - topped with low fat sour cream (1). = 6 PP's, yummy, filling, wonderful!

My lame attempt at food photography 

I normally would have had a side of spinach with it except I went to the store and got everything except my all time favorite veggie... *sigh*.. only me. I buy bags and bags of frozen spinach and have it with everything as a filler and a good way to get in my veggies! Sauteed with a little lemon juice and a dash of salt - DEELISH!

Anyway, stay tuned! I have an idea I am working on for my next blog!!



Ashley said...

That sounds so good! I always love reading new recipes b/c i got so tired of eating the same stuff over and over:)

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