Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Update!

Hiii!! I've been a horrible blogger, so sorry. I'm currently on vacation with my boyfriend, our daughter, and his family and my computer won't access the internet so I borrowed my nephew's laptop to talk to you guys!!

So far on vacation I have been so-so as far as my Weight Watchers goes. I haven't been tracking but I have been trying to make healthier decisions. I went to a smokehouse at Bush Gardens today and everyone else got chocolate cake, fried pickles, and ribs and I got a turkey alad wrap and a side salad with fruit. Last night at dinner everyone got pasta and I had chicken salad on top of fruit with a slice of fruit bread. Not going to lie though.. I have indulged in a few treats. I had a half of donut this morning and just now me and my boyfriend's mom just went for icecream.

As far as exercise goes, we have walked EVERYWHERE since we got here. I wish I had my pedometer or was tracking how far we walked. We walked through historic Williamsburg last night.. at least 5-6 miles round trip. Then today we went to Bush Gardens and that in itself is a ton of walking. We were sitting down to eat at Bush Gardens and a huge storm rolled in out of nowhere so I took the opporutunity for a workout and BOOKED IT to the car! haha.

In other news, before I left I was down 1.4lbs this past week for a total of 73.4 and I reached the 170's!! Bye bye 180's. My only hope can be is that I don't gain anything back. I'll be okay if I don't lose. There's a Weight Watchers location right behind the condos that we're staying in...On one hand I feel like I should go on Saturday and hold myself accountable. On the other hand, I feel like I should just wait and bust some booty next week and weigh in next Saturday. What do you think???

I was talking to my boyfriend's 14 year old nephew and he was talking about how his friends weigh 100lbs or 75lbs or whatever and he said "I weigh 120lbs" and I responded "I weigh 179lbs" and he said "You don't look like it.. you look like you weigh 80lbs" LMBO. Even though I know he has no idea what weight "looks like" obviously and that a grown woman weighing 80lbs would look sickly it was flattering that he thought I looked skinny. I remember when I was very young and my friend's little sister who was about 5 years old said "Krystle you're so fat" and I was so hurt...I know she was 5 but she was right. So a young kid telling me that to him I looked skinny felt good.

me and my nephew (well my boyfriend's nephew but he's my nephew LOL)

On more piece of awesomeness for you - I BOUGHT A SIZE MEDIUM SHIRT! and actually a couple more after I learned that I can fit a size Medium. Pretty excited about that.

Anyway, sorry nothing inspiring or note worthy...Just wanted to update you guys and stop being M.I.A.! I'll check in when I get back with some updates on whether or not I go to my meeting this week and the results.

Have a blessed day!!



B.H said...

I'd go weigh in, but only because I know even if I was the same, i would feel like I was even staying focused on vacation.
I signed up for WW earlier this week =/ the points program is strange to me. I hope I figure it out soon!

Need to Get ME Back said...

Congrats on the size medium shirt! Personally I wouldn't weigh in on vacation, but that is probably bad advice! I think you should do what is going to help you most. Would weighing in help you to make good choices while on vacation? If it would keep you in line more, than do it. Otherwise, just get back to business after the vacation. Good luck!

Unknown said...

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