Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm So Excited & I Just Can't Hide It - I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

I wasn't going to post two blogs in one day but after reading Trina's blog at Ah..Me So Hongry about how this is her damn blog and she writes the rules, I decided there is no one stopping me from posting again today.

While I'm doing shout outs, I have to give a huge shout out to Sarah at Not An Effing Diet who just reached a HUGE milestone of losing 101lbs!!! You go girl!! Sarah is not at her ultimate goal just yet & we'll be sure to celebrate again when she gets there but show her the love and let her know how awesome she is!!

The main reason I wanted to write a second blog today was because I was so anxious to share this with you guys and didn't want to bombard people on Facebook who don't follow my journey with it. First of all, this weekend I was standing in the mirror in my sports bra and pants and I really didn't recognize my body. It was AWESOME lol ..Then yesterday as I was getting dressed I was pointing out things that I was proud of to my boyfriend and look at what I came across!!! .....

I have a shape! My sides go IN, not OUT...ohhhh baby...

I just took this picture today but I noticed it this weekend and my honey then pointed out that my tummy doesn't stick out like it used to. I still have a pooch but SHOOT...I've been fat all my life AND had a kid 14 months ago...I'm proud of this belly about now.

Another away more clothes that are too big! This time I'm down to giving away 14's!! Can you believe it??? I sure can't. I can't wait to get my refund check from school to go get in some good retail therapy!

 I think it's time. With this new realization about my body, it's time to continue to enhance those changes. SO, I'm going to start the Turbo Fire calendar again. I have been doing it when I want to and whatever workout I feel like but I think it's time to get er' done!

Anyway, those are my extra announcements for the day.

Love & Hugs!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout out there! I love the pictures too! And you look great with your sides that go in instead of out!!!


Fat in Suburbia said...

You look great! I am so jealous!

dre62168 said...

You go girl! I ordered turbo fire and tried it for a week. Not sure that I'm going to be able to hang with this workout...ready to send it back. How long did it take you to become "addicted" to turbo fire? I feel like I may be giving up too soon but boy to I feel super uncoordinated when I do this workout. :-)

Kim said...

I never heard of this workout I'm going to check in to it. And you look great your stomache especially i had a baby 4 years ago and my stomach looks horrible lol

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