Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You can't lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself.

Hey there blogging world! I'm finally back from vacation and completely back on track, full steam ahead!! I went to WI down in Virginia last Saturday and managed to gain 4.4lbs!! I was bummed for a while but I knew where the fault was...I had been going out for ice cream and snacking on oreos..what did I expect to happen??? 

So we got back Sunday evening and I have been FULLY FOCUSED since then. Yesterday I managed three workouts! I started my morning with 40 minutes of kettlebell, spent my lunch with HIIT 20, and after my honey got home from work I put dinner in the oven then ran to the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical and 100 crunches on the stability ball. This morning I did Turbo Fire- Fire 45 and I need a good stretch so later I am planning Sculpt 20, Abs 10, and Stretch 40. On Saturday I want to walk into WW to hear them say "WOW, you lost 5lbs!" ..that's the plan haha.

My gain didn't stop me from posing in my new bathing suit at Virginia Beach though..check it out:

Or at Bush Gardens....

my baby love giving his baby some love :)

Overall, we had an AWESOME vacation. It was so nice spending time with my honey's family...good old bonding time! I enjoyed the foods that I hadn't indulged in in so long including ribs and wings but I am proud that I was able to get home and get right back on track....not like me in previous years when I would have stayed off track for a month then decided to get back on.

I got a comment on Facebook from a good friend that has had me teary eyed for a while now. The comment said:  

Random but I just want to tell u how PROUD I am of u and this huge lifestyle change! It just shows us that hard work and dedication really pays off! When Elliana grows up and sees what you've done to better both of ur lives she's gonna love u even more than she already does.. She's gonna be so proud of u when she understands all of this.. ur her perfect mommy lol.. I LOVE IT and you look PHENOMENAL!!!! ♥

Since reading this comment I keep staring at my beautiful baby girl and am reminded why I started this journey to begin with. From the minute I found out I was having a girl...

...I began thinking of all the things girls must endure in this world and all the things that I had been through being a girl, but especially being a fat kid.

I couldn't bare to witness my daughter grow up being the fat kid. It broke my heart to think about it especially being that kids are even more cruel these days than they were when I was a kid.

I knew from that moment that it had to start with ME.

It's one thing to feed your children their fruits and veggies as your eat your cheese steak or to watch them play while you sit in a rocking chair...it's another thing to lead by example and I wanted to be that example for my baby. 

These days, I am proud to say that my 14 month old daughter will gladly share my fruits and veggies with me and loves to watch me workout. When I do jumping jacks, she raises her hands in the air, when Turbo comes on she shakes her little booty and claps, when I do push ups she gets down on all fours and watches me, she does squats and her favorite move is the yoga pose - the downward facing dog. LOL She is such a smart little person and I love that while she is in the "monkey see, monkey do" stage, that the monkey she is seeing is doing the "healthy thing"

The reason for it all. 

I have to share this video with you...my girl is such a GOOFBALL!! 

You can't lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself.  ~Gene Mauch

Have a blessed day, 


Sarah said...

You look great in your pictures and your vacation looked like it was really fun! Glad you are back and back on track!


Fat in Suburbia said...

You look awesome and your daughter is too adorable!

B.H said...

Keep it up! I use to live in VA Beach we loved it there. Glad you had a great Vaca. And I think a gain of 4.4 is a success on vacation!!!

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