Monday, August 8, 2011

Fill'er up on a coke and a cookie!

Hey bloggers! How is everyone doing? I hope you are feeling fabulous, focused, and FREE because ya'll know....FREEDOM IS MINE AND I KNOW HOW I FEEL!  hehe sorry had to get my J.Hud plug in there.

My thoughts are really random today so bear with me!

  • At WW on Saturday my leader used the analogy of our body as a car and she said "I'm driving along on a road trip..and we're cruising...and I notice I'm running low on gas so I stop at the first gas station and I said 'Fill'er up on a coke and a cookie!' far do you think I'm gonna get??" ... Obviously the point is that there is a difference between snacking for fuel and snacking for a treat. Although, I have found that a lot of my "fuel" snacks have turned into "treat" snacks. Don't get me wrong...I loveeeeee me some choc-o-late BUT an apple and peanut butter or carrots and hummus hit that spot too!! Fill up on healthy power foods, they'll get you much farther than that coke and cookie! You can find a list of power foods here.  

  • Last night my boyfriend's aunt came over and she kept talking about getting a sub from White House Subs...and if you've never been to Atlantic City - when you come, make sure you stop and get yourself a White House sub. Anyway, it's right around the corner from me so I don't need to be indulging in these all the time lol. But I couldn't stop thinking about this dag on sub! So I talked to the angel on my shoulder, talked to the devil....had a little convo....and eventually said "You know what?? That sub is going to taste good but how will I feel after???" and that right there made up my mind! I ended up going to my beloved Skinny Taste website and making angel hair (well I used linguini) with shrimp and asparagus and lord hammercy it was SO GOOD!!!!! My honey said "This is just as good as White House.. this is really delicious.." then about 10 minutes later said, "That was really really good babe!" ... I felt so good about my decision! 

  • Weight Watchers needs to pay me commission for all the people that sign up after saying I inspired them. LOL j/k about the commission part. I am really proud of all my friends and family who are deciding to make a change whether it be because they saw me do it and know it's doable or because they chose to do it on their own, either way, I'm proud! 

  • My mom and stepdad AND my little sister are all talking about wanting to get healthy. My baby sis even worked out in her living room today AND hasn't drank soda in 2 days. I know that sounds simple for some but for my little sis, the queen of junk food, I am SUPER PROUD!

  • Super excited about the Weight Watchers Lose For Good Campaign!!  It starts in 28 days. I think the cause is really awesome. Less pounds for us, more pounds for starving children around the world. I find it so crazy that the rate of starvation is at an all time high and yet the rate of obesity is also at an all time high. Food for thought! 

Went out with my honey all day on Saturday baby free :) 

Even wore an above the knee dress at night :) Bad angle on the pic though

One last thing.. give me your opinions. I wanted to lose 75lbs and get a perm before I left for vacay on Sunday. As of this past Saturday I was down 72 and I still have WI this Saturday before we leave. My honey surprised me with a gift card for the hair salon for our anniversary soooo I was thinking about going on Friday to get my perm done anyway since I am pretty darn close to 75 and wanted it before vacation. Would you do it???!

As always, thanks for reading!
Krystle :)


Lauren Jones said...

Girl, go get the perm! You deserve a treat and you're right, you're close enough to TASTE 75lbs! Well done again on doing so well! :)


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