Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Come, take a trip back in time with me.

Earlier today I posted a Facebook status saying that I wish I could find out what my first status about weight loss was and the more I thought about, the more I wanted to know. 

So I took a trip back in time and for two hours I clicked "Older posts" until I got to September 2010. For some reason I couldn't find the original original post but I think I found the 2nd post. Along the way though, I found some interesting posts that I saved to share with you all...

..............so sit back and take a ride back in time with me................

(First I'll post the status followed by my thoughts about it)

2/3/11 - Whewww!! Finally had the opportunity to do a 20 minute Zumba class (on the Wii) this morning... can you say SWEAT??!!! Those tutorials started me with a bad taste in my mouth as far as the game but now I love it!
***Crazy how fit I have become in only six months! 20 minutes of Zumba is nothing these days...lucky if I have a bead of sweat after 20 minutes of Zumba, especially on the Wii. ***

12/16/10 - Just felt really good when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror!! Had to double look like "is that ME?!" 24lbs is a lot of weight! Half way to my vacation!
*** Take that and multiply it by 3 :) *** 

December 2010 - I posted this pic from H.S. saying that I wanted to get back to this size. (I'm way smaller now! That outfit is huge on me. I still have it.)

12/10/10 - I love the proof that the diet is working.. i.e. pants fitting loser, getting full faster, having more energy, etc.. not to mention my sneak peek at the scale this week! excited for Sunday to find out how much I actually lost!
  *** 1) I called it a die-it but 2) That first realization that your body is changing is so exciting!!!!***

12/5/10 - seriously VERY UNHAPPY. I tracked all week on this new plan and gained .2lbs .. I know it is a very minor gain and I did cheat on Sunday after weigh in but i do that every week and lose weight.. apparently not now! super disappointed. I am not in it to be maintaining my weight.. I'm in it to lose. I give it one more week before I call it quits and do my own thing.
***I was so skeptical about PointsPlus. I was so against change because I knew that the old plan worked for me. Little did I know, PointsPlus would be the best thing to happen to me!! It completely accelerated my weight loss! ***

11/19/10 - my mom commented on this pic saying "You look so skinny in this picture" .. HA! Who knew??!

10/31/10 - yesss!!! Super PROUD of myself!!! Lost 2.2lbs this week...down a total of 15.4lbs and passed my first goal which was to lose 5% of my starting weight!!!!! Go ME!!!
*** First mini goal!! Seems like ages ago! ***

10/15/10 - I love surprises from my baby! :) Just got Wii Fit in the mail .. it's ON! Gonna hit that weight loss goal in no time. 
  ***my honey has been my backbone through this journey always pushing me a little further and doing anything to make sure I have the resources I need to get 'er done!***

 10/14/10 - really just got in a heated debate on the Weight Watchers FB page sticking up for Jennifer Hudson.. people are serious HATERS is the bottom line! They're madd because J.Hud is rich so must have chefs and personal trainers so it must be easier for her. smh. All the money in the world can't stop a former fat girl from dreaming about cheesecake! Give the girl some credit! geeze. 
***this just made me laugh, so true though!!***

9/26/10 - Lost 1 pound this week. Was hoping for a little bit more but it's all good... that's the goal. 1 pound a week for a year = 52lbs. ;; BUT in the past 3 weeks, I am down 7.6lbs. :)  
*** My original goal was 50lbs! Who knew I would broaden my horizons so wide??***

9/20/10 - love my life ♥ feels so good to be eating healthy again.. so motivated this time around.. I have more to be motivated for! :)

9/18/10 - feel really good about Weight Watchers this time around.. day 2 has been excellent so far.. I think the difference this time is not only am I home to make my food and take the time to measure, but my taste buds are much more receptive to new foods in my "old" age than i have been in the past. It's gonna be good. :)

9/17/10 - weight watchers it is. need to do this and that's what works for me.. more $$$$ that I really don't have but I am not healthy so it is money well worth it... need to get in shape so I can live a long healthy life for EJ ♥ 

 Just a note - I know there was a status before this one that I couldn't find when my honey and I decided we were going to lose weight together, prior to me joining WW. The plan was to lose 50lbs each and go on vacation together....Hey babe, time to catch up now :) lol love you!

 I love this journey! I love the process. I wouldn't want a quick fix even if there was a true quick fix..the journey is shaping me into a stronger, more confident, appreciative woman and I wouldn't trade this for the world. It will be a life long battle but I'm glad to be taking charge and winning the war! I know God has his plan for everything and he is definitely using me as a small tool to complete his perfect plan. :) 

Love always, Krystle xoxox


Alexis said...

you are truly an inspiration . & im proud to say your my sister <3

its_ashley said...

nick is probably thinking that ur almost at 100lbs loss so ur loosing the weight for both of u! lol

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