Friday, August 26, 2011

Mandatory Evacuation / PiYo & Turbo Kick

Just a quick post!

In case you haven't heard, the East Coast is supposed to get hit pretty hard with Hurricane Irene this weekend. We live on the beach in Atlantic City and AC is calling for a mandatory evacuation. We were planning on staying here and riding out the storm but since we have a one year old, we decided that the parent thing to do is to hit the trails running. So we're headed to Mount Laurel tomorrow until the storm passes.

On a fitness tip - I looked at the website of the hotel we are staying at and first thing I looked for was the  fitness center they have know where I'll be! I have been busting booty this week!! Yesterday I tried PiYo for the first time (pilates & yoga) and freakin loved it! I am much stronger than I believe myself to be. That's always an awesome realization. That was followed by 45 minutes of Turbo Kick with my sis in law.

My sis in law an awesome fitness addict too and just started a few months ago (even though she was a cheerleader back in high school)  really getting in the gym hard and eating healthy even though if you saw her you would say she's already super skinny but it just goes to show that skinny doesn't equal fit. In the past few months she has noticed major changes in her body including muscle definition and just the way she feels about herself. Even my honey pointed out to my that it looks like his sister has lost weight even though she was never heavy. We're all on this journey together...big, small, fat, skinny, we're all here trying to get FIT!! I love working out with my skinny sis in law :)

I'm really hoping Weight Watchers is still held tomorrow morning!! I reallllly want to WI tomorrow!! They are mandatory evacuating everyone east of Route 9 and my meeting center is maybe a 1/2 mile west of Route 9. I'm waiting for the WW website to stop being down for maintenance so I can try to figure it out!

Have a blessed day people. Be grateful for all your blessings. & if you pray, please say a prayer for the East Coast, our safety, and our homes. 

Stay Awesome,


Bonnie said...

What a commitment.....working out while on a "vaca" with the

Stay Safe girl!!!!

B.H said...

Glad you are evacuating. I lost everything in Ivan and earlier in the week they thought we would take a direct hit from Irene. It is never worth staying behind. Evacuating is a huge PITA. But it is better then the risks of staying behind. Enjoy the family time and safe.

Lauren Jones said...

Stay safe! Sending all my love and prayers to those on the East Coast xxxx

Trina said...

Glad you evacuated. Never underestimate the power of a hurricane. After our experience with Ike, when they say evacuate...I EVACUATE! Kudos to you for finding a hotel with a workout facility!

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