Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My God is an Awesome God.

Hello & Happy Wednesday. How is everyone doing today? I hope as wonderful as I am!  Today I just want to tell you about some things and people I am thankful for.

1st and foremost I have to give special recognition to a blog follower Keisha who completely caught me off guard with an email yesterday. Mind you, I have never met Keisha and she doesn't have a blog otherwise I'd be linking it. I'm going to share this email with you because it really meant so much to me!!


Now ya'll know I cried because that's what I do! lol I don't think I have to go into explanation as to why this email had such an impact on me but I will say that it's one thing to have an impact on your friends and acquaintances and it's a completely new ball game when a complete stranger tells you these things. I was completely humbled by Keisha's words. Thanks my new friend!!
Just a few other comments...
This morning I was out for a walk with my baby girl and was completely overwhelmed by utter gratitude for absolutely everything. I was walking the boardwalk and looking out over the ocean. The clouds and the water and everything just looked so beautiful..I felt grateful for my health and my daughter and her health and I could go on and on but there are no words to explain the gratitude I felt right then and there. 

A picture I took on my walk but it really doesn't do the beauty of this morning justice

 In case you didn't know, the east coast had an earthquake yesterday. It was very mild by the time it got to us in NJ but was definitely a first experience for me. 
this was the picture swarming the internet about the damage it caused lol
Also, in case you haven't heard of the four boys, football players, from Mainland High School who lost their lives in a car accident a few days ago, this hit very close to home for me. Mainland High School is my Alma Mater's rival school. Although I graduated several years ago and did not know these kids personally, I can't stop thinking about 1) Their poor mothers. All of their family, friends, and teammates, but my God....their mothers. It seriously breaks my heart. and 2) This could have very easily been me or my friends. How many times did I pack more people into my car than fit in there or that I was supposed to have in there or how many times have I sped down the parkway. How many times did I drive members of the wrestling team to and from? It could have been me. It could have been my teammates or my classmates. I can't even go there where my 3rd thought is but I just PRAY. and PRAY. and PRAY for everyone affected by this tragedy. 


Needless to say, I am very thankful for absolutely E V E R Y T H I N G that I have been blessed with. 

So back to my story about my walk on the boardwalk...I was walking and when I became overwhelmed with gratitude, I really could have gotten down on my knees right then and there but I probably would have gotten hit by a bike. But I closed my eyes and just thanked the GOOD LORD and when I opened my eyes, an older lady was looking at me with her hands in the air saying "Me too. Me too." 

Finally, as I believe I have mentioned before, my boyfriend is a man of few words and few compliments. When he says something, he means it and if he doesn't mean it, he doesn't say it. Anyway, he made me feel really good the last couple days (Sorry babe I know I'm putting you on blast and I know you're reading because you're my #1 fan!) ...Yesterday as I was doing my yoga he said to me "You're really good at what you do. You're so focused and dedicated."  Then tonight we were walking on the boardwalk and he pointed out at how easily I was walking at a high rate of speed and he said "But for real really are madd skinny though!"  --- coming from someone who sees me every day, day in and day out, dressed and undressed, at my best and my worst, it meant a lot to me.  
Us in VA beach last week
*** I didn't mean for this blog to be toot Krystle's horn kind of blog. I just wanted to share with you all how wonderful the people around me are and how they keep me pushing!***


Bonnie said...

Agreed......That is the only word I can leave for a comment because everything you said I agree

Toot, Toot girl!!!!!!

Trina said...

GOD IS GOOD! keep on inspiring us to be better people!

Unknown said...

Its a good article! Really you have shared some useful information over the post. thank you so much.

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