Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who is YOUR best supporting actor/actress??

Best Supporting Actress/Actor
I know many of you are Weight Watchers (Note I didn't say WW members..I will touch on that in a bit) so you most likely have all been to the meeting this week about support! I absolutely LOVED my meeting today!! I don't know how similar all the meetings are but I just know that I have hands down, the most energetic, fun, loving leader to ever face the world of weight loss! She is just so incredible. But this blog isn't about her. 

It's about my mom. 
Today at the meeting, Stephanie asked us: "In this weight loss movie you are the star of, who would you consider to be your best supporting actor or actress?" Of course many of us instantly think our spouses, our friends, our coworkers, our children, and so on. And like all of you, I too have many supporting roles in my life including my amazing boyfriend who supports me through everything I do, my friends who keep me going, my weight watchers friends, and so on. 

But MY MOM....she is the most amazing woman I know! She has been heavy all of her life too and she lost a ton of weight on Weight Watchers a long time ago and slowly gained it back over the years (like many of us have done in the past!) But aside from that and even aside from this weight loss journey -  in my movie called, LIFE, she is my biggest supporting actress! She has supported me through absolutely EVERYTHING I have ever done in my life whether she agreed with me or not, she still supported and continues to support all of my decisions. Since my blog is about weight loss, I will focus on that aspect of her support for this blog. 

She always says "I know I made some mistakes raising you but you turned out pretty darn good!!"  As much as I would like to say that I wish she fed me healthier foods as a child and set me on the right path for eating right early on, I don't. Only because I truly believe that being heavy and having this life long struggle helped to make me the woman I am today. Back to this journey though... through EVERY STEP OF THE WAY my mom has been there showing me support, telling me how proud she is, and pushing me when I feel down and out. There have been times when I said "Ugh I did so bad this week.. I'm not going to weigh myself tomorrow"  or times when I have called her crying because I swore I did great and gained weight.. and every time she maintains a calm tone in her voice and tells me something to the effect of "Baby, relax! You are doing are such a good mother and a hard worker and I couldn't be more proud of you! Keep doing what you are doing..and you better get on that scale tomorrow!!!" and it always turns out that I'm glad I got on the scale! Not to mention every Facebook status that I post about weight loss, she makes sure to tell me on there how proud she is. She brags about me to her friends and our family. She is a proud mommy!

She sometimes tells me that she is "jealous" of me even though she and I both know that "jealous" isn't the right word. She can do it too. .she knows she can! She has done it before and I'm telling her and telling all of you that when she is ready to make that change FOR GOOD this time, I am behind her 110% of the way just like she has been behind me. She is an absolutely incredible mother and incredible woman and I'm so honored to have her as my mommy and my best friend!  Mom - I know you are reading this and crying right now, sorry! lol I love you!

Me & My mommy on Mother's Day

So I'm curious...Who is YOUR best supporting actor/actress in life OR on this journey??! 

I know that I wouldn't be who I am without my mom as well as my dad (rest his soul), my step parents, siblings, boyfriend, friends, daughter and so on. They are all characters in my movie and I am characters in theirs and together, we make one darn good flick! :)

The note about being weight watchers and NOT weight watchers members:: I read a blog on the WW website and someone had mentioned this saying that you can be a member of a book club but that doesn't mean you read. You can be a member of a political party but that doesn't mean you vote. We are not members of a group called Weight Watchers.. we are people are chose to ACTIVELY make a lifestyle change and therefore we ARE the group! 

Have a great Saturday!!

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Debbie said...

My supporting actress would be my sister. She is very supportive and calls me to see how I do on each weigh in. You are right about Weight Watchers we are the group. Love the post by the way.

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