Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quickie from my iPhone

Heyyyy from my iPhone!! Merry Christmas to me - I bought myself the iPhone 4s. 😄 but I'm still getting used to the keyboard so this will be a short post.

We are on a semi-staycation ( stay meaning we didnt leave the city we live in. Cation meaning we are not at home. ) this week. As we speak I am laying by the pool at the borgata casino. I assume this pics will post but I'm not sure of I doing this right haha

Anyway in an effort to hold myself accountable I will tell you that I have not been very well behaved food wise this week. I have been working out a lot but also eating a lot!! My biggest problem has been not stopping when I'm satisfied and eating until I'm stuffed. Ugh why??? This is why I am not a person that can simply "watch what I eat". I must have a set plan that I stick to. Some people say it is paying $40/month for points. I say it's keeping myself in check!

On that note, in the new year I am adding clean eating to my regimen. More to come on that

Will blog more when I get to a computer because I suck at this touch screen keyboard lol

Have an awesome day!!


Unknown said...

i am with ya girl -- i cannot do it without the ww accountability & points!
whatever works -- obviously it's working for you -- you look PHENOM!

misadventures of a chunky goddess

Unknown said...

yeh i definitely need to be accountable. blogging weekly and feeling like i have to keep everyone up to date, even when i gain, helps. i also am BIG into myfitnesspal and i want to be able to post good work outs and good diaries and losses so it helps me keep in line :) enjoy your staycation !

DaphneCT said...

Yor staycation looks fabulously relaxing. I hope you enjoy every second of it because honey you have earned it! Congrats on your Christmas gift, iPhone 4s you rock and I must admit I'm a little jealous. The holidays have got to to be the hardest time of the year but and planning pays a huge part in my life this season. Even planning is hard, lol. You've accomplished so much and a little indulgence with all you exercising is not so bad. Merry Christmas Ms. Skinny Jean

Unknown said...

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