Saturday, December 31, 2011

What A Year, What A Year, What A Mighty FINE Year!!!

Wow. What a year!

1/1/11 my New Year's resolution was to continue to lose some weight....never in my wildest dreams did I know where that one little goal would take me!!

this is me Jan 16th 2011
Not only did I reach my original goal of losing 50lbs, I made and reached new goals along the way! This year I experienced what it was like to cross my legs like a lady for the first time. Simple but when you were forced to always sit with your legs spread open, it means a lot. I also also experienced what it felt like to fall in love with fitness! I wrapped a regular bath towel around me for the first time in years. I shopped in regular, non-plus size, stores. I bought SINGLE digit jeans AND a single digit dress. I walked 5Ks with ease and even walked a 10K. I learned how to RUN..yea, I'm still working on it but I run a hell of a lot more than I ever did! I started a blog...this blog...about weight loss of all things! I made an incredible amount of new friends that are with me on this journey.  I persevered.

Working it out at Turbo Kick!

 Most importantly, I learned that I am capable of WAY more than I ever gave myself credit for. I learned that when I dig deep, there is a whole different person waiting to explode out and shout to the world how awesome she is! I learned that if you want to change the things and the people around you, you must start with yourself. I learned that I have what it takes to INSPIRE others. I learned that I may have more purpose in this life than I thought I did. 

I learned that I love to sweat!! Something I could have sworn I hated.

and I decided that I am LOSING FOR GOOD!

Man oh man, did I learn a lot this year about myself, about people, about life, and a little something about weight loss. 

On top of all that stated above, I also entered and WON the Story of You contest on the Weight Watchers Facebook page, winning myself a $5,000 check!

And to end the year with a bang, I have NEWS!

Yesterday I received a phone call from the local newspaper (The Press of Atlantic City) asking to interview me for a column that will be printed tomorrow!!! My mom emailed them about my success a while back and they called me saying that they wanted to post a success story to help motivate all those making the New Year's Resolution to lose weight. I was so blown away and honored at the experience! SO, hopefully they will post it on their website too so I can share it with you all.

this is the picture that I sent to them for the paper

Lastly, I wanted to share with you my totals for the year! 
  • Since the beginning of January 2011 I have lost a total of 70.6lbs (My total to date is 92.8lbs!) 
  • Since March (which is when I started taking my measurements), I lost the following: 
    • 9.25" off my waist. 
    • 8.5" off my hips. 
    • 8" off my bust. 
    • 2.5" off my arms. 
    • 6" off my thighs. 
    • and dropped 4 dress sizes! 
    • Total: 34 inches all around since 3/5/11.
I am so stoked to see what 2012 has in store for me!!! I know I am starting it off right. Today, I got ready to ring in the new year with an incredible workout! I went to a Bling themed Turbo Kick with my sister in law and friend Kim followed by BodyPump class then came home and went for an 8....yes and EIGHT mile walk with my family.

My turbo ladies!!!

My sister in law and fitness partner in crime saying CHEERS to a healthy 2012!

a picture I took along our walk today 

it was incredibly beautiful today!! 

My NaNa girl at the park :)

Last but not least I want to thank each and every one of you for your constant ENCOURAGEMENT and SUPPORT throughout this year!! I would not be where I am without you all!! From the deep down depths of my heart, I thank YOU!! xoxoox

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year!!!!!!!


Kim said...

Love it you are truly inspiring and please share the site with us for the interview. Thanks and have a great end of 2011 and beginning of 2012

masonnickey said...

Great blog!! The pics are so nice too! Wtg Krystle!

Unknown said...

you inspire me everyday and i will never stop reading your blog! thanks so much for constant motivation and inspiration, you rock!! cheers to a fabulous 2012!

Lauren Jones said...

You are such an incredible inspiration to me - I read your article and welled up at your words - and I'm not the type of girl that gets teary over many things! You're doing so well and you're doing it right, and I would love to one day be able to meet you when we're both and goal and be able to say cheers to a whole new us! Here is to 2012, may it bring you and your family everything you have hoped and wished for! God bless xxxx

Amy said...

This is going to be me next year! Thanks for sharing your story!

BowSister said...

Good job!! You motivate me so much! I like the fact that you admit when you have good days & you have bad days. Makes me realize that even though I'm having a bad day today I can still jump back & if I keep going I will make it to my goal.

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