Thursday, December 8, 2011

If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution!

This week I have been busting booty!! I have been so on plan! I'm getting used to using my 27 DP's and I realized that when the other points aren't there, they aren't even really missed! But if they are there, we eat them. Having a few less points per day has forced me to make better decisions for snacks and treats. Last night I used all my daily points and was debating if I wanted to use some WP's or AP's for dessert but decided:
1) I'm not hungry.
2) Even if I was hungry, ice cream wouldn't be satisfying the hunger and
3) Why mess around with a perfectly OP day??

My boyfriend and I signed up for a local gym last night and all I can say is OMG this gym is beautiful!!! His job gave us 60 days for $60 and paid for his part of it so last night was the first time we got to go together. The equipment is so nice. The facility is so nice. The people are so nice. It was a really awesome experience. I can't wait to go back on Saturday with him. Thankfully, I have options. Since I don't have time to always drive to the gym, I have a gym in my apartment building as well as the option to workout in my living room. No excuses!!

I'm famous!! Again! A girl that I didn't know before the other day saw my comment on my friend's Facebook page and informed me that I am famous lol. She said that one two separate occasions she has heard different people talking about me and my weight loss. A woman at her fiance's job showed her my before and after picture and her fiance came home raving about how "this girl" lost so much weight and doesn't even look like the same person. Then she happened to see me on our mutual friend's page and said "Is this her?" and her fiance said YES That's the same girl!!

Then she was at work and talking about joining Weight Watchers and her coworker said "You have to see this girl who lives around here... she lost so much weight..some lady in church told me about her and showed me her picture" .....turns out she was talking about ME!

A couple weeks ago my friend Paige who lives in California (I'm in NJ) was in the gym and overheard two women talking about Krystle, the one who won the Story Of You Contest....IN CALIFORNIA!

Word travels fast! 

*I'm 2lbs away from being able to apply to work for Weight Watchers!!!!!* 

Have an awesome almost Friday!  


Unknown said...

wow thats amazing!! you have done so well sweetie!! you should be proud of yourself and deserve to have all this attention as you have done so well. xxx

Carbie Girl said...

Yayyyy Krystle, thats fantastic!! :0)

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