Monday, December 19, 2011

Making new gym friends...

Yesterday after my workout at the gym, I got in the jacuzzi in the locker room (my gym really is an amazing facility!). I was hanging out by myself until a young lady got in the jacuzzi with me and said hello. She asked me how long I had been coming to that gym and told me she had been coming since Thanksgiving.

Then the conversation proceeded as follows: 

Her: I lost a lot of weight, I need to do some toning. 
Me: Me too! That's what I'm here for. 
Her: I lost about 90lbs...
Me: I lost 92lbs!! HIGH FIVE!! How did you do it? 
Her: Gastric bypass...
Me: Oh I did it on Weight Watchers. 
Her: Get out of here!!!! Really??! I started to gain some of my weight back and tried to join Weight Watchers but got discouraged at the slower rate of weight loss but I am thinking about trying it again and to have somebody to do it with and to KNOW that it is possible by seeing that YOU did it, would be incredible! Maybe I'll rejoin with you!

I feel like I am a disciple of Weight Watchers, spreading the good word lol So in a matter of 10 minutes we made friends, made plans to workout together, and I may have recruited a new Weight Watchers member :)

*** Not to down weight loss surgery if that's what worked for you, but I do have my opinions on it. (for the life of me, I can't find an older blog that I wrote about it) but the point I am trying to make is that I know several people who have had weight loss surgery, could not deal with 1) the limitations of the food they could eat or 2) the amount of skin that they had left over after such a rapid speed of weight loss and ended up gaining weight back and NOW are on Weight Watchers - doing it the slow and steady, no quick fix way.

There is no quick fix. Long term results come from long term changes.

Anyway, looking forward to making a new gym friend! It's amazing how life is set up just right so that everybody comes into your life at the right time, right place. She said that she saw me in the gym and was immediately drawn to me. :)

Giving Santa (aka my grandfather) my wish list ...

and baby girl just wishing to get off of his lap! LOL!!

Have an awesome Monday!


Sarah said...

Surgery or not you have to change your way of thinking and approach with food, exercise, water, etc. Yes I had surgery, was it the quick way out, hell no and anyone who thinks that I'd like to slap. Having surgery has not made losing weight easier at all. It takes a lot of work and dedication, I have had to change my way of thinking and how I approach food and life. If I want to remain successful I have to continue doing what Ive been doing the last 18 months. I refuse to go back to where I started ever. Me personally surgery was my last resort, my biggest issue before was portion control, I could eat healthy till the cows came home and still wouldn't lose but because my portions were nuts and I couldn't and didn't feel any restriction. The surgery has allowed me to have restriction, yes some foods I can never eat again and Im fine with it. I still indulge in some things once in awhile but Ive changed my way of thinking.

Bzybee said...

I have never understood the surgery route since if you eat the foods you have to before and after surgery, you would lose weight anyway. Not to knock it since it obviously works for some people.. but like you, I choose to change my lifestyle so maintenance would be so much easier when I get down to my goal.

DaphneCT said...

LOL I thought I was the only one always on the WW soap box!! Show'em Krystle how it's done :)

Sarah said...

I just posted something kind of like this. Again, like I say to you all the time, I'm not on WW, but what I'm doing is a lot like that. Slow, consitant weightloss is the way to go. I completely agree with you. I also have my own views on weightloss surgery. I didn't have it, and I don't judge those who have. I don't knwo what they went through before deciding on surgery.

I'm just glad I did what I did to lose weight.

Also...I love making friends at the gym. Most of the people at my gym are crazy, so it's nice when I meed someoen who itsn't a whack job!


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