Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chill...Girl, you got this!

Yes, once again it has been an entire week since my last post. I'm terrible!!!

Some updates: 
  • I'm finished my 2nd to last semester at school!! One more semester until I graduate FINALLY after 6 years, 2 schools, and 3 majors lol
  • I joined a gym for the first time on this journey. I do most of my exercise in my living room or outside but we had a deal for 60 days for $60 at a really nice gym and I LOVE IT! 
    • I had my first fitness assessment and even though I am well below average for the amount of body fat that I have (47lbs of fat), I am above average in my age group for my fitness tests (pushups, situps, treadmill).  Taking those tests brought me back to high school days when I always had the lowest number out of the class - LOOK AT ME NOW! lol
  • I did not expect a loss this week at all but I lost 2.8lbs!!! I am down 92.4 with only a little over 10lbs until GOAL!!!! 
I find it a little bit strange how last week I worked really hard and gained weight and this week I didn't work half as hard and lost so much. I guess my body just had to do some catching up. Whatever the reason, I will gladly accept the loss!

Why Meetings Are So Important:

I see commercials for weight loss programs that say things like "No counting points, no meetings to attend" ...and I always think "Attending meetings is a BAD thing??! Says who??" There have been times in the past when I was on Weight Watchers when I would stop attending the meetings and I would just go weigh in and leave - probably why all my attempts in the past have failed. 

I've always known the importance of meetings but this morning it really solidified in my mind the true significance of them. I almost didn't go this morning (which would have been my first time skipping a meeting since I started going back) but I forced myself out of bed and went anyway and I am so glad that I did. Not only did I have a surprise loss on the scale but I found a new sense of motivation that I had been missing this past week. 

Before the meeting started I said to my friend "This week has so many events and get togethers, I already know I'm not going to be tracking. I'm just going to make better choices and workout a lot and hope for the best". Turns out the meeting was about just that! The Simply Filling Plan. I've never paid much mind to the Simply Filling Plan even back when it was Core. I have always been a Points counter. Well, it's a new day! After the meeting this morning I am completely intrigued by the Simply Filling Plan and plan to use it to my advantage to get through this week. 

In case you are unfamiliar with what the plan is, basically there is a list of foods that are Power Foods and you eat only those foods and you eat them until you are SATISFIED....not STUFFED. But of course, with Weight Watchers, you are never limited so if you eat anything that is not a Power Food, you just deduct it from your Weekly Points Allowance. 

After hearing what people had to say in the meeting and looking at the simply filling foods, I learned that you can have filet mignon, potatoes, and vegetables for dinner and ALL of it is a Power Food! Imagine that! I came home and ate breakfast - 2 eggs, WW cheese, and a small potato - ALL POWER FOODS and I stopped when I was full...I didn't finish my potato. I definitely plan to use this plan to my advantage, especially this week. I'm excited to see the results! 

Attending my meeting this morning gave me the motivation that I was lacking to continue to stay on plan throughout the rest of the holiday season and made me realize once again why this program is the ONE for me!  I GOT THIS!! :) 


Unknown said...

hiya -- new follower & i just LOVE your blog -- your attitude is infectious -- in a good way!

i am also a w8 watcher -- repeat offender -- and avid fan of simply filling!
i switched 3 weeks ago & these past 3 weeks have been my best since rejoining.

well you are just amazing & i had to comment & say hi.

misadventures of a chunky goddess

Bzybee said...

Meetings and counting points or calories are so important. Great job on getting close to your goal. I can't begin to imagine how I am going to feel when I see 92 lbs lost, 8 lbs to go.. amazing.

Sarah said...

Well, I don't do Weight Watchers, and I know from reading your blog so often that you do. So I'm basing my thoughts off of that.

I do count calories in, calories out, and workouts. I also believe that you have to talk to people to keep you focused. I have workout buddies and people that I talk to all the time about my focus, goals, motivations, ect.

I'm not sure what is talked about at Weight Watchers, but I imagine it's supposed to be motivational to keep people foucsed. What we've all been going through to lose weight is not easy and can not be done alone. (NOT a FACT, juts MY OPINION). I think the reason so many people are successful with Weight Watchers. They have a community of people to help them and understand where they are coming from!

Even though it wasn't for me I absolutely see the value in having meetings and the structure of their program. Hell Krystal, lookint at you is proof enough!


Sarah said...

Congrats on your weight loss!

Unknown said...

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