Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's Be Fit - a childrens book!

HI!!! A much happier blog today. We ended up sick in the house all day Saturday and Sunday and missed out on all Christmas festivities but my family definitely made it up to us yesterday. My mom and step dad and sister, brother in law, and nephew came over and they surprised me by bringing my grandparents. Then we went over my boyfriend's family's house and had our Christmas over there. Overall, it turned out to be an awesome Christmas even if it was a day late! Honestly, it turned out that it was much less stressful that way!

I wanted to share with you a book that my mom and step dad got for my daughter...it's so cute and i thought you guys would enjoy!!

Let's Be Fit By. P.K. Hallinan: 

I like to be fit, and I hope you agree. That being in shape is a great way to be! 
It helps me with tasks - I feel so much stronger. 
It helps me in games - I'm strong so much longer. 
There's really no doubt that I think better too, 
For fitness assists me in all that I do. 
I watch what I eat - that's the place to begin. 
I need to take heed of the food I take in. 
So I sit down to eat a good balanced meal - 
Lots of fresh greens and fruits are ideal. 
I try to cut back on sugary sweets, 
for it's true what they say: "You are what you eat!" 
Yes, getting in shape is a great thing to do. 
And I have to stay active and exercise too! 
I try to do push ups and sit ups each day. 
I bend and I stretch in a leisurely way. 
I run just for fun on the track at our school. 
And I swim like a minnow at our neighborhood pool. 
But there's nothing quite like a hill-and-dale hike! 
Yes, fitness requires a change in a way.
I look at the choices I make every day. 
So, I'll scramble for chances to play out of doors. 
I'll pour into chores like never before. 
I'll drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. 
I'll tone up my body 'till I'm feeling my best! 
And I'll strengthen my spirit by keeping in mind, 
I'm wonderfully made
and I'm one of a kind!!
Yes, I'll run a good race - I won't falter or quit. 
I'll just do what it takes 
to be physically FIT!!

*pics from Christmas to come!*


DaphneCT said...

Oh I know of several friends who were sick on Christmas as well. Not cool :( however I'm so pleased that everyone is doing better and that you were able to have a very Merry Christmas any way! What a cool gift (book) and I know that baby girl is already learning so much from her mom about health and fitness that this book is just icing on the cake (fat free icing of course, giggle giggle)!


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