Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge!

I wanted to provide information for the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge for anyone who is interested and not informed! You don't have to be a Weight Watchers member to participate. I am training to run the celebration walk on May 22nd. The deal is, you train for 7 weeks, then at the end of the 7 weeks there is a celebration walk all across the country. The goal is to get people up and moving!!

You can find a walk in your area here!!

Here is the walking training guide! 

Or if you want to run, here is the running training guide! 

The walk is a non competitive 5K and should be a really good time!! Monday starts week 2 of the training but you can still get started!! It's never too late to get moving.

Hope to see as many people as possible get involved!! Oh and if you don't have one in your area you can also track your own route and still participate on May 22nd. A 5K is a 3.1 route!


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