Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Works For Me!

Hey everyone! 

I thought I would post a bit about how I have found success this far along my weight loss journey..

I started Weight Watchers (BECAUSE IT WORKS!) in September and I swear by it!! It is the best weight loss program out there. I refuse to call it a "diet" because in my opinion dieting is something that people do temporarily to lose 10lbs or 20lbs.. whatever it may be. Weight Watchers is a life changing experience. You learn ways to alter your lifestyle without depriving yourself. For example, the other day I REALLY wanted an ice cream cone so I went and got myself an ice cream cone.. it cost me 5 Points but it was worth it. I feel as though if you deprive yourself from the things you enjoy, after a while you will just quit and go back to your old ways but if you treat yourself every once in a while then you are not really missing out. You can eat anything on this plan!!

This is a picture of my favorite breakfast! Only 6 points on WW or 7 depending on which waffles you get. 2 waffles, sliced bananas, strawberries, and blueberries with FF cool whip and Agave nectar! So delicious!

You can find more info on WW here!

Also, you would be surprised what you find yourself liking when you make a few alterations to your eating habits. For example, a grilled fish sandwich is just as yummy as a fried fish sandwich and much healthier!! Just like, egg whites and a slice of FF cheese, in my opinion, tastes just as good as regular scrambled eggs and cheese. 

Anyway, so along with Weight Watchers I have really gotten active!! I started with Zumba for the Wii.. I was doing it every day because it was so much fun.. once I started working out every day and feeling that adrenaline pump, I wanted MORE! So I branched out into other activities. Now I switch it up every day. Some days I will walk the boardwalk, other days I do Zumba or they have dance cardio on Netflix. I also LOVE Leslie Sansone DVD's! She has a bazillion different DVD's to choose from! (they also have them for free On Demand!) I ordered Turbo Fire that I'm excited to try but the seller on Ebay is being shady so I might have to wait on that refund and buy it again.

^ one of my favorite Leslie Sansone DVD's so far.. the time just flies.. you burn calories, you sweat like crazy, and you have FUN and before you know it, you walked 5 miles!

One more thing.. if you are on Facebook. I got involved with a friend's page, Nicole's Weight Loss Challenges!!!. She hosts team challenges as well as individual challenges that include getting in all your water, meeting all your good health guidelines, lots of exercise, etc.. It's a lot of fun, A TON of support from others on the weight loss journey, and a good reason to push yourself that extra little bit!

I recently started training to RUN... YES, I said RUN a 5K sponsored by Weight Watchers.. I will post the info for that in another blog if anyone is interested. It is technically a Walk but I am following the run schedule. Since I am going to Virginia for it, as there are none offered in NJ, I figured I would make it a challenge.

I bought Reebok Run Tones today (shown below).. I'll see how they work! My goal for Summer 2012 is to hit the beach.. *sexy thigh status!* :)

Hope any of this info was helpful! It's what works for me but remember, with anything, different strokes for different folks! Anything else I come across along the way I will definitely share!


Paulina said...

Those waffles look AMAZING!! Bananas and strawberries are always winners in my book!

In regards to the signature and graphics on my blog, I create them in Photoshop. I then either directly upload them to blogger, or sometimes to Photobucket. I believe there is a trial you can do for Photoshop.... hope that helps! :)

its_ashley said...

i have the easy tones.. they have not done anything for me.. n i wear them 6 days a week while at work cuz i figured they would be best for me standing all the time.. how do u like urs?

Unknown said...

What kind of waffles are these?

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