Monday, April 25, 2011

BE YOU(tiful)!

Gooood Monday Morning!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! I know I did...I taught my daughter (even though she is only 10 months old) the significance of the day, that we can have eternal life because of what Jesus did on the Cross for US! For her! .. She didn't understand a word obviously but it was important to me that I had that conversation with her.. it's not just about eggs!

Although the egg hunt we have every year at my grandparents' house was tons of fun.. baby girl was loving it!!

Here's a picture of her daddy helping her get an egg out of the tree: 

And my family on Easter Sunday: 

Now let's get down to business: 
 I know I'm not the only one who completely overindulged yesterday! Actually. I am willing to bet 99% of us did! And that's okay! We are only human.. holidays and large feasts only come around a few times a year. The important thing is that we get back on track! With exercise and eating and ESPECIALLY with water! I challenge anyone reading this blog today to drink AT LEAST 64oz of If you can drink more, then by all means go for it! I try to drink at least 100oz of water a day (Half my body weight in ounces). 

So let me know! Comment on the blog or on my Facebook. -  How Are You Getting Back On Track Today??! 

For me: 
-I woke up this morning and could just tell it was gorgeous out before I even got out of bed so I took my daughter out for a half hour jog/walk on the boardwalk. It was sooo enjoyable! I came in with intentions to do Turbo Fire except my daughter just fell asleep on me so I will postpone that workout for later today.. but it WILL get done!! (Providing my DVD's decide to work.. that's whole different story..I may have to return it for a new one). But if they don't work.. I will find another half hour workout. My goal is to do at least 70 minutes of activity today and 100oz of water. 

What's your goal for today? If you don't have one.. MAKE ONE! And don't stop until you reach it! 

57 Days Until Summer! Let's do this and do it right!! We are in it to win it people! You only get one body...treat it right!! And more importantly, ALWAYS love your body..whether you are heavy or skinny or just right... LOVE your body for what it is but if it needs changes for your health, then love it enough to make those changes! I'm glad I learned that lesson at a young enough age to turn my life around! 

Talk to you all soon!! 
-Krystle :)  


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its_ashley said...

i love the be you(tiful)!!!!

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