Friday, April 8, 2011

Trying something new...this is me. Naked.

Alright, here goes nothing! I never blogged before but have always wanted to then I came across my friend's blog ( and I fell in love. She inspired me to finally start a blog but I was stumped on what to blog about. So I began wondering, What is important in my life? What do I feel passionate about? What could I talk about for more than one blog post? Well, what better to blog about than my life changing experiences?!

So here it is.. my first blog post..

My name is Krystle and I've been a fat kid my entire life! I played softball as a child and trialed some other sports but my love for food always kept me bigger and chubbier than all my friends my age. Growing up, I always managed to have a slew of friends though so it never occurred to me that anything was "wrong" with me or that anything needed to change. My dad would always ask me if I was watching what I was eating as I got a little older and I would brush him off with a "yea, Dad.. I'm good." .. then sneak the Oreos from the kitchen while nobody was watching.

 (The picture above - there I am in the pink with my Dad and my sisters)

I could write forever about the emotions of being fat and everything that goes along with that but I'd be here for days.

So let's jump ahead a few years..high school...

I was the fattest girl in school..(maybe one of two.. but I was up there!) but yet again, I always had friends! It was in high school though that I realized that being heavy was causing complications in my gym class, in sports, shopping with friends became difficult because I couldn't shop at the same stores as my skinny friends, and especially in my love life (if that's what you want to call it). I had no problem hanging out with boys who always thought I was "pretty" or "cute" and were quick to have sex with me but I rarely found myself in a relationship because guys would see me at night but wouldn't be seen with the big girl on their arm at school. This went on from Sophomore year and on...It wasn't until I was 20 or so that I even realized what was occurring and the depth of the consequences of my actions. "I just wanted to feel loved"...I guess..  :-/

Senior year I lost a lot of weight..about 60 pounds.. and I felt so good about myself. I went to college with a more confident mindset but was in a crappy relationship that, looking back now, I stayed in for the fear of not finding someone else to "love" me...even though I highly doubt that this guy loved me at all. When that ended and I wanted to go home.. the weight slowly piled back on little by little and there I was, the fat girl again.

Jump ahead a few more years.. July 2009 I had just gotten back from staying a few months in Las Vegas with my aunt. The week I got home, I met Nick.. and oh how my life changed. We started hanging out all the time and things were just different than with guys I had dealt with in the past. He actually LIKED me!! Well it wasn't long before I got pregnant.. by November 2009 I was pregnant with our daughter. (I'll skip the details of our relationship for the sake of an extremely long blog! But he is amazing.. we have a wonderful relationship and a wonderful daughter who is now 9 months)

(The picture above is Nick, me, and our daughter the day after she was born)

When my daughter was born, I looked into those big brown eyes of hers and I knew I had to change. My dad died at 43 (a month before I got pregnant) of a heart attack and I was devastated. All I could think about was how I had to live a long life for my baby.. she needs me! At that time I was 253lbs AFTER I LOST MY BABY WEIGHT!...and in that moment.. I said this is it. I am losing it..and I'm losing it for good!!

I joined Weight Watchers and got active and the weight started flying off. Now I am down 46lbs and 8lbs away from ONEderland! I have not weighed under 200lbs since longer than I can remember! I feel amazing.. I know my honey can tell the difference in my body, my spirit, and my attitude as well as everyone else around me.

(The picture on the left is me the summer that I met Nick and the picture on the right is me March 2011 after losing 45lbs)

Everyone always asks for tips, recipes, my story.. well here it is. I promise to bare all.. this is ME! Come along for the ride!!


its_ashley said...

O-M-G!!! girl this literally gave me tears in my eyes!!! I never knew you were at 250! U honestly never looked that big, but I am soo proud of u!!! u did an amazing job!!! Keep up the great work!

Tobacco Free said...

Wow Krystle, amazing blog. Thanks for sharing and opening your heart. You are a beautiful person inside and out!

Love you! KIM

Paulina said...

Girlie, I'm so happy you found my blog, and I found yours. It's going to be great to follow your journey!

Something that I've been doing this past month, and have LOVED is MyFitnessPal. There are apps you can download to your phone, and you can do it on your computer. Helps keep track of your calorie intake, and also your workouts. If you decide to try it, you can friend me at "prettypinkposh".

Have a GREAT weekened!

Unknown said...

Krystle you did a great job on the blog...I am so happy that you decided to do it...if you help one person that will make all the difference but in doing that you can keep yourself encouraged and on happy for you...FYI you were always a beautiful person now you will feel that in every way...

Ashley said...

Hi Krystle... I found your blog via Chantal's, and can I just say that you are amazing?! You are gorgeous and you have a beautiful family, and keep it up, dear! You'll reach your goals, but it looks as though you are happy and living your life in the meantime! =)

Law4715 said...

I love your blog. I met you at the weight watchers meeting that Nicole Mason held in Queens, NY and after I heard you speak I was so inspired. Your story is MY story, and I am glad I have your blog to read on this journey.

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