Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Step On It, It Makes You Cry!

Hey my lovely bloggers! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I have a slew of ideas I want to talk about today. I hope you find it all interesting but just in case, I will break it up into thought segments!

Just an FYI about me - My brain is on overdrive 24/7.. there is never a point in time when I am not thinking about at least 7 things. (The average adult can think about an average of 5-7 things at once!)

Yesterday I was going through an emotional moment with my stomach. I know they say that "it didn't get there over night and it's not going to go away over night" but the way I feel about it is: No, you're right. It didn't get there over night.. it got there progressively over 23 years. I sure as hell hope it won't take 23 years to go away! ... 

Obviously that is an exaggeration as far as it taking 23 years to go away since now I am focused on it for the first time in my life. However, I get discouraged. I sit in the mirror and play with it, jiggle it around, mush it up, suck it in, stick it out, and so on. It saddens me

BUT... IT DOESN'T STOP ME! So after my little emotional breakdown yesterday regarding this, I decided that 
A) I need to step up my stomach workout regimen and 
B) I need to stick to this enhanced regimen every day! 

So today after my 2.5 miles with Leslie Sansone, I found a toning program on Netflix and went right to the abs section. That lasted 10 minutes and was pretty intense but I still wanted more so I followed it up with another 50 crunches. 

After my run this afternoon (which I will comment on in a few) I did another 50 crunches and tonight before bed I plan to do another 50. Tomorrow, I step it up to 75 each rep. 

For those looking for an extreme abdominal workout (I am also adding this to my regimen) CLICK HERE for Andia Winslow's Abdominal Potpouri. The girl is NO JOKE! She also has several other workouts on that site. 


To lighten the mood a little bit, I have to comment on my daughter this morning. She was too funny. She is in the "Monkey see. monkey do" stage so it is pretty simple to teach her new things lately. So yesterday I taught her "Sooo big!!" and I raise my hands up and she copies. We did it at least 50x yesterday and she mastered it. 

So, this morning I was doing my abdomen workout and my daughter was sitting watching the TV as if it was a cartoon. The lady on the video raised her hands up as if taking a big breath in and when she did, my daughter raised her hands up and did "sooo big!!" with her big, one tooth, grin! It was the CUTEST thing!! Also, she loves to clap so now every time I am doing a workout and they clap, even if it's one clap, she lets out a round of applause.. I look at as her being my little cheerleader! :) She is amazing!!

BOB REVOLUTION!  - I got my first joggling stroller today and I lovvveee it! I had never even heard of  BOB Strollers but we were looking for a jogging stroller and my boyfriend found this one on craigs list. Apparently, they are the best strollers out there for jogging and it makes since seeing that they cost a fortune flat out! We were lucky enough to find a pretty good deal for a used one. 

So the lady dropped it off today and I couldn't wait to try it. I immediately took it outside on the boardwalk. It rides so smooth! I ran with one hand pushing the stroller ducking and dodging people on the boardwalk and was able to maneuver it with ease, one handed! My daughter also loved it. It has a very comfy looking seat. She brought a toy with her (aka the Wii remote lol) and sat quietly the entire time. If anyone knows my daughter, "quiet" is not her thing, haha! Definitely a great buy!!!

(Mine is lime green though!!) ^

Which leads me to....

My run today! The training today was 3 minutes of running and 3 minutes of walking again x4 reps. Today was the first day I trained on the boardwalk and it is a whole new beast! Running against wind and on different turf, it definitely took a lot of getting used to. But it also put things in a new perspective for me. A power walk that used to take me an hour to get there and back (Tropicana to Taj Mahal and back) took me 34 minutes today!! I was super proud of myself. 

Things I like about jogging on the boardwalk:

  • Getting to "people watch" the whole time ;)
  • The view of the ocean you get as you run. 
  • The fresh air!!!

A few things I disliked about jogging on the boardwalk: 

  • People like to smoke cigarettes and not watch where they are blowing it so I ran through a couple puffs of disgusting smoke. 
  • You have to go around people and find holes in crowds on busy days. 
  • Since you aren't at a set pace like on the treadmill, it is much more easy to stop when you get tired. I took a few 10 second breaks but I made up for it at the end by doing an extra minute of running than what was required.  

Final thought: 

I took a peek at the scale today. I hate doing that.. the scale and I are not friends. And being a woman, our bodies fluctuate like crazyyy! Anyway, it said I was up almost a pound. I kept telling myself to forget what I saw...didn't work so much but after my first workout, I got back on out of curiosity and it said I was down. 

SO.. please everyone, don't be a slave to the scale. We fluctuate daily! Heck.. we fluctuate hourly! Weigh yourself once a week for your own sanity. :) I am vowing to only touch the scale on Sundays from now on! 

 Have a blessed day!
-Krystle xoxo 


Tobacco Free said...


Great job on the running. Can't wait until next week when you are running 7 min straight. Can you send the website you are following for the running!


its_ashley said...

I sit in the mirror and play with it, jiggle it around, mush it up, suck it in, stick it out, and so on. It saddens me

i must say i love this part... i love it cuz it mad me giggle and think 'at least im not the only one'. lol.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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