Friday, April 29, 2011

It's the Non Scale Victories that COUNT!!

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for MEEE and I'm feeling GOOOOOOD!!!

Hey bloggers, followers, friends, family.. how's everyone doing?? 

I am feeling wonderful! Today my blog is about NSV's or Non-Scale Victories! These are important to pay  attention to, as victory doesn't only come on the scale. Actually, it's usually the NSV's that mean the most!

Today I had an AWESOME NSV that I didn't even know I had! I was "window shopping" on the Old Navy website and automatically clicked on the "Plus Size" section.. only to find that I have out shrunk the smallest size that is offered in plus size! They only go down to a size 16 and I am now in a size 14!! It was super exciting for me.

Some other NSV's that I have had along the way include:
  • -Bath towels fitting all the way around me and not needing a beach towel for the shower (simple but shows results!)
  • - All the "Hey Skinny Minnie"s I get from my friends and family when they see me makes me feel awesome!
  • - Reaching my last notch on my XL belt!
  • -Bringing clothes in the dressing room and ALL of them fit! Some were actually too big!
  • - My boyfriend pointing out that I no longer complain about how fast he is walking when we are going somewhere and being able to walk for long distances without feeling tired.
  • -Being able to conquer the buffet.. and I don't mean conquer it as in eating something from every stand but being able to go and eat one plate of the healthier food on the menu.
  • -Being told that I AM AN INSPIRATION (this is crazy to me!!)
  • -Being able to RUN for extended periods of time!!
  • - Making bags of clothes for Goodwill filled with things that are too big on me.

I could go on forever! The point is: As much as it feels awesome to say "I lost 53lbs"...the victories off the scale are the ones that count and really make a difference in my life!!

So I challenge you:

Look for NSV's in your life! Stand in the mirror and look at an old picture of you before you started your weight loss journey and compare it to the person looking back at you. Notice the definition in your face, your chin, your cheek bones, etc..

Think about  your habits before you started.. the snacks you used to munch on, the meals you used to eat 2-3 plates of, and compare it to what you eat now and how that has changed. Also, what you drink!! Compare the juices and the sodas to the amount of water you consume these days!

Take your measurements!! Keep a track of your measurements. Sometimes the number isn't always on the scale but in the inches!
* I actually just took my measurements today for the first time since March 13th and I have lost 4" off my hips!! 2" off my waist and an inch off my thighs!*

I got this status from a page on Facebook Mind Wise, Body Wise :

Start being the person you want to be today. Walk down the street as if you are at your ideal weight. Focus on the healthy body you want, the confidence and self esteem you’d love to have, and start to create those thoughts and feelings in your life today. You will be amazed at how different you will feel. 
Always give yourself credit for the changes you have made. Even if those changes are happening slower than you expected.. consciously saying "I need to make a change. I will make a change. I am making a change" with emphasis on the latter, is what's most important!!!

Let me know some of your NSV's!! Leave feedback! I would love to hear from you :) 
 When I reach goal I am making my own video like this J. Hud! I love her:

Until next time, 


Paulina said...

Krystle, I love this post! It's so important to take pride, and remember all that we have accomplished. Goodness knows it took a TON of work!

You look so fabulous in your recent picture- keep up the GREAT work!!

Tracy said...

You crack me up at times too!! but it is true, it's the NSV's that keep us going, Like I said in my blog. The scale surely isnt going to tell you what you see!! it may I weight 196 but I fit into a size 12, with that said... compared to weight and clothes size that is totally different items.. and the towel thing, mine wrap around me too!! LOL

Unknown said...

you look fabulous hun.
And NSV's keep you motivated and i think everybody would benefit from that.
Your defintely an inspiration.
Continue motivating others like myself

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Thomas M. Baily said...

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Anonymous said...

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