Sunday, December 25, 2011

A not so Merry Christmas.......but it could always be worse.

 Ours is.....not so merry.....but it could always be worse. We had all kinds of plans for this weekend with the whole family but our bodies had other plans. All 3 of us came down with some sort of stomach bug/flu yesterday. My honey and I slept most of the day yesterday and we missed our annual Christmas Eve get together. Today, we woke up feeling completely refreshed and healthy and planned to make up for it with the family today.......that was until our daughter decided to be sick and miserable and sleep all day. So, the only two people I will see this holiday are my sick babies.....which leads me to the "it could always be worse" part.

Get ready...we're gonna count my blessings......

I am blessed that I have a man and a daughter to love and who need me and blessed to even be called "mommy". I am blessed enough to not be in the hospital tending to a chronically ill child. I had a friend lose her grandfather AND her dog last night - my heart goes out to her. I am blessed enough to not be feeling that pain today. I am blessed enough to have my man home with me and not in Afghanistan or Iraq or God forbid - Heaven. I am blessed enough to have family who love and miss me. I am blessed enough to have so much love in my heart that it hurts to not be able to see them today. I am blessed enough to know the meaning of the point of today's celebrations anyway. I am blessed enough that God sent his only son to die on the cross for ME. I am blessed. Period.

Weight Watchers posted a status as I was typing this blog that said:
"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude." -Denis Waitley
Here are a few Christmas pics....I hope that I will be able to put up more later but I don't know how the day will go:

Woke up and could care less about the presents behind her lol 

until she saw her new kitchen...that can get some play

okay I'm done mom...

sick baby wanted her daddy. :(
It's heart breaking to have a sick kid!!

Now about my weight loss, since that IS what this blog is about, afterall: 

Last week, as I said, I did terrible. I was thinking about skipping out on my weigh in Saturday morning but decided on Friday night that I would hold myself accountable and own my actions. Then I ended up sick and unable to get out of bed anyway so I have no idea what it looks like! Yesterday I could barely eat. Today, I haven't been able to put my daughter down long enough to eat anything. Tomorrow I have another personal training session but I may have to reschedule since I'll probably be making up Christmas with whoever comes over tomorrow. Curious to see what the scale will say come next Saturday!!


Sarah said...

Merry Christmas!


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