Saturday, March 3, 2012

What 1lb loss? You gained honey.

I was pissed ya'll. Like I was super duper pissed off. I stared at a wall as everybody talked to my unresponsive body while I gathered my thoughts. My WW leader gave me a handful of pens and told me to throw them, hug her, and let it go. But it didn't go quite like that. I sure did throw those pens and I gave her a long, tearful, hug. But I didn't let it go right away. After I decided I wasn't going to sit through my meeting holding back tears, I went outside and called my dear friend Daphne (who you will hear from this week on here!). When she answered I sobbed to her through my sniffles and tears:  "I gained, Daphne....I friggen gained..." 

Man, can I just tell you I love this woman??! She told me exactly what I needed to hear. I listened to every word, got all my tears out, told her I loved her, then went back in the meeting room. It still took me a few more hours to fully get over you're probably wondering what I gained if you're not on my FB. I gained 0.2lbs. 

Nothing? Right?

Yea... You're probably right and I know what I would tell you, and you, and you, and everybody reading this. I know what I would tell Daphne if it were her calling me crying. I know what I'd tell Stephanie if it were her weighing in. I know what I'd tell ANY Weight Watchers member. But in that moment, I did not care. I was PISSED! I was UPSET! I was ANGRY! And no matter how much I didn't change how I FELT. 

Now as you know, I have been OKAY with gains in the past. the last four months I don't even remember how many gains I have had, there have been so many. But this gain was different because 1) I had psyched myself up. I thought I finally broke the plateau, I lost 3lbs last week, etc etc etc and I just KNEW I would lose ONE STINKIN POUND this week. 2) I made such a big deal about it to everyone around me. 3) Honestly sit here and tell me that if you were ONE pound away from such a HUGE milestone, you wouldn't be upset that you worked your behind off and didn't get it either?

Anybody in their right mind would feel a little bummed!! I seriously was so well behaved this week and worked my hiney off and the scale just DID NOT CARE!

BUT..................with all that being said...............

I am over it. 

I got it all out of my system and I'm over it. It's a new week. Although I didn't start this week off too well with my eating, tomorrow is a new day and I will reach my 100lbs mark as well as my goal soon enough!

How I dealt with it: 

^ I reminded myself that I still BELIEVE. I took this picture and admired my waistline, my arms, and my thighs and reminded myself that I am already THERE....the rest is just numbers. 

^ I bought myself a new dress. Nothing retail therapy can't fix. 

^ I spent time with my family and enjoyed all the compliments that came my way from family I haven't seen in a while. 

*I tried on a pair of size 8 slacks that were huge on me and plan to go try on some 6's tomorrow* 

*I celebrated that my Facebook page is now inspiring 1,011 people at this time and those 1,011 people appreciate the fact that I am not perfect!!* 

I reminded myself that I'm human. 
I'm not a weight loss machine. 
You win some, you lose some. 
It's part of the journey. 
And 98.8lbs is equally as commendable as 100lbs.


Sherrie said...

Dang! I'm so sorry to hear that the scale screwed you this week, but I love your statement that you are already there, the rest is just numbers. That is awesome! (And we are now at exactly the same total loss, 98.8 pounds. See, you just wanted me to feel better about myself by not leaving me behind...what a supportive blog friend you are.) ;). Good luck next week, you'll knock it out of the park soon.


Love this post. You are amazing and inspiring to people worldwide. And you are HUMAN! I would have raised hell!!!! But like I always say, YOU GOT THIS!

misty said...

This post right here is exactly why you are such an inspiration to so many-whether they have lost 75lbs or just starting out like myself. You are human. You're not just a success story, you have bad days too! And
you're right, you have made it- the rest is just numbers! Congrats on your 98.8lbs and counting :)

Sus said...

Congrats on your journey!! Yeah, this day was a disappointment, but your journey has been, and will continue to be, such a success!! I thank you, for you are an inspiration! Sorry you had a rough morning, but it sounds like you've already moved on and are ready to keep on truckin'! Get it girl!!

Fit Mom said...

I too would be pissed at being so close to a huge milestone only to have it I understand your feelings.

BUT you have a great attitude and you will get there numbers wise. You look fantastic! You have an itty bitty waist! And you will be fitting into size 6 pants! And you got an awesome dress!!

Way to vent, pick yourself back up, and move on!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to watch you get there! You are so awesome, and will be there in NO time at all!

I do completely understand though, when something is so close you can taste it, it has to be VERY frustrating.

You have GOT this! And you look fabulous to boot!

Sarah said...

I was like that when I was about to hit the 100 pount lost mark. I think I did exactly the same thing. It looks like you did well handling the situation. You will get there, cause you're awesome.


daphneCT said...

I'm so freaking proud of you! You are just what we all need. What you share with us is REAL!! There's no "cut, let's try that a different way" WE are humans and with anything that we try to accomplish there will be highs lows, ups downs, and you are continuing to to bob and weave through it all and look at all that honesty and hard work paying off -99.8 pounds and rocking skinny jeans, girl you are PHENOMENAL!!!! I love you

Johanna said...

Youre human! Give yourself a break! You LOST 98.8lbs! That's amazing in itself. Like you say you gotta focus on The NSV's sz 22(?) to size 6 is uh mazing! Id be pissed too. But 0.2lbs doesn't change anything that your slim n sexy body is working with. Chill out honey. You got it in the bag! Xoxo wishing you the best.

Johanna said...

99.8lbs* sorry. Lol

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

It really IS just a number. Look at your pics. YOu are so hot. So pretty. So slim. So shapely. So dang amazing looking. The pound and change to that's not the big thing. The big thing is YOU and how far you've come and how amazing you look and feel. Right?

But you'll get there. Just a number. Cause you already arrived...

safire said...

I totally understand what it feels like to expect a loss and see a gain (small or not).

You look AMAZING in your pictures and deserve all the compliments :)

Sometimes our bodies work in weird ways and it could have just been a gain day for you if you only weigh-in once a week.

Teresa Halminton said...

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