Monday, March 19, 2012

A day in the life.

I've been asked all the time what my typical menu looks like or my typical workouts. I don't do anything "typical" unfortunately to answer that question but I thought I'd take you for a day in the life with KJB today. :)
Could not get out of bed this morning. While I was away, my honey took it upon himself to surprise me with a new bedset and a new kushy thingy underneath making the bed OH SO COMFORTABLE!!! I was glued.
That is what I came home to on Saturday :)

Finally rolled out of bed and got in my go-to 1st breakfast. (I typically break my breakfast up into two parts. One when I wake up and one in about an hour depending on my day)
A banana and PB to me is like a cup of morning coffee to some. (1PP)

That holds me over for a while while I feed my daughter and hang out with her doing the morning mommy/baby thing. Sometimes I'll get in a workout during this time frame, again depending on my day. Today I started cleaning early!! I am working on Spring cleaning!

About an hour later I made egg whites with all kinds of veggies. Today was a very veggie kind of day. Egg whites, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, WW cheese, and carving board turkey. (4PP)

A while later I couldn't fight the temptation of the Irish Potatoes on my kitchen table so I took 2, counted the 3PPs, and threw the rest out!! They were way too tempting.  

After that I had a little bit of work to do so I took care of that then went back to cleaning. I took this picture as I was throwing them into the giveaway bag because I remember clearly with every pair how excited I was to fit into them at one point and now I am giving them away because they are too big!

Around noon, I decided it was way too nice outside to stay in the house all day so I headed out with the baby for a quick run. It turned into a 3 mile run/walk. I jogged most of the way the first 1.5 miles then on the way back I ran into my friend and her husband and son on the boardwalk so I strolled the rest of the way with them. That was my first time meeting her husband and they are such an awesome family!! 

Got home and made lunch: Veggies again. This time, a veggie wrap with spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, and peppers.


served with veggie chips and grapes (6PP total)

Back to cleaning.

Invited my friend over to shop in my closet. She called it "Krystle Russe" as she left with a Charlotte Russe bag full of clothes! Glad they went to a good home!!

Insert pink lady apple.

For dinner, more veggies!! I used the leftover veggies from lunch and sliced some eggplant and made a quick eggplant parmesan for the family. (3PP - super low dinner!)  

After allll that I still had homework to do so I sat down with my homework and a skinny cow ice cream - 2 PP's!

and that's it! Now I'm here typing to you guys lol. Not anything spectacular but this is my life!

I also had a few BLT's in there that I tracked!!! (Bites, Licks, and Tastes!)

Talk to you lovely losers tomorrow!!


babalulu48 said...

What a great day, thanks for the share! Love W W too! Um a lifetime member currently 10 lbs over goal no problem !->

DaphneCT said...

Love it all!!!

NaturallyNikki said...

you go girl! sn: i love skinny cow lol

maymay said...

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Teresa Halminton said...

Thank you for sharing your menu!
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