Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Without the "work" it's an "EASY-OUT!"

I should have typed this blog yesterday but sometimes life just gets in the way! My plate is so full right now and not with food. lol.

Sooo yesterday I did end up with some time to spare and wanted to get in a good workout. What's better to make up for a week off than a good ol' date (or 2) with Shaun T and some INSANITY???

I started Insanity back in January and when my daughter ended up in the hospital, I stopped for a week, then never restarted the schedule and decided to put it on hold. Once my friend Daphne started doing Insanity this week, I decided it was time to at least work it back into my rotation even if I don't follow the schedule (Because I simply SUCK at following schedules and it's as simple as that!).

Anyway, I wanted to see if I had progressed on my FIT TEST despite not following the Insanity schedule but still striving to improve myself. It turns out I DID!

Here are the exercises:

Here are my results - In black is the 1st week back in January and in red are yesterday's results.


Just goes to show that my theory on switching it up and not following any specific schedule, WORKS! I am continuously improving myself and my fitness and I just do whatever floats my boat each day. :)

I followed the Fit Test up with Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circut:

and then since I had shared some stability workouts on my page earlier in the day, I decided to give those a try too:

Here is the link for those exercises: Our Top 8 Stability Ball Exercises

THENNNNNN when I was watching Biggest Loser last night, I worked out my biceps, triceps, and shoulders and some ab work with my 10lb dumbbells. I have no idea how many reps I did but it was a lot!!

Man oh man I am SORE!!!!!! It hurts when I go to sit on the potty haha I have to slowwwwllly squat down. My muscles are killing me. But guess what??? That didn't stop me from doing Jillian Michaels Six Week Six Pack today! I tried it on Level 2 and it's WAY more intense than Level 1 but it gave me a serious BURN!! and oh boy do I lovvveeee my muscles BURNING!

On a Weight Watchers note:
  • I worked a meeting tonight and a girl that came in for the first time told me that she was a little starstruck when she saw me, that she was a fan of my FB page, and that I inspired her to join! How awesome is that??!
  • This coming Sunday my good friend Nicole is hosting a Weight Watchers online community meeting in NY and my fabulous friend Daphne that you read about a couple weeks ago and myself will be guest speakers! We are meeting up early for some breakfast together then I am hoping to hang out with some Weight Watchers friends maybe for a Central Park walk after!! Super exciting!!!
  • I really hope I reach my 100 pound goal on Saturday so I can celebrate on Sunday! But not stressing if not!! I have decided the scale is no longer allowed to stress me out!!


DaphneCT said...

Love the ending quote and I must use this if you don't mind! Kudos to you for always working so very hard and switching things up is an excellent way to keep the momentum going and the body/muscles guessing! I'm cheering for you this Saturday my friend & regardless we are going to CELEBRATE just being healthy and fit! :) Smooches!!

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