Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Started Tips. KJB & Spark People.

Hey Hey! I was asked by a FB follower about tips on how to get started with losing weight and since I figured many people probably had the same question, it would be a perfect blog topic. I actually JUST clicked on a link called 7 Things That Separate Weight Loss Winners & Losers but decided that before I read it, I'm going to give my own advice first!!

  • Come up with a weight loss plan and be realistic about it! If your plan includes only eating broccoli and grilled chicken every single day then it's probably not going to last very long. When you are coming up with your plan, make sure it is something that you can do FOR LIFE. For me, that is Weight Watchers, but it could be something else for you. Just think it through before you jump right in. 
  • Scratch the word DIE-IT from your vocabulary. You're making a lifestyle change. 
  • Start with short-term goals - dropping a jean size, getting active, losing 5lbs. A bunch of small goals add up to equal the large goal. 
  • Increase your water intake tremendously!!! Flush all the toxins out of your body. 
  • Get active but find something that you enjoy. If you hate the treadmill, you don't HAVE to workout on the treadmill! Try something new such as Zumba or a class at the gym. If you can't afford a gym membership, buy a new workout DVD but just make it something that you enjoy, not something you will dread tomorrow. 
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people! "If your friends don't have the same goals as you - get new friends!" 
  • Remember that you are WORTH IT. It's not going to always be easy. It's not always going to be enjoyable. It will most definitely take hard work, time, energy, effort, and dedication. But I can promise you that the results are worth your efforts!! 

Okay...now let me go read this article.....be right back! 


 Turns out I might know what I'm talking about just a little haha! Here are the tips from Spark People:

  1. Set small goals. 
  2. Take breaks and timeouts - don't set yourself up for failure by now allowing yourself a slice of cake on occasion or a day off from the gym. We all burn out if overworked! 
  3. Be proud of yourself!! (This one is HUGE!) - tell people your goals! It holds you accountable. Take pride in the things you have accomplished and make sure to share those successes with your friends. 
  4. Take on new challenges - try new workouts, new meal ideas, and so on. 
  5. Be part of a team - take advantage of the ever growing social worlds around you both online and face to face. Being part of a team with like-minded individuals helps keep you focused. (Just a quick example of this: I was having an out of control moment, I quickly texted my sister in law and my good friend Daphne and they both put me in check immediately)
  6. Keep Score  - but not just by the numbers on the scale. Track your progress with everything including inches, miles, workout time, water intake, whatever it is - strive to be better! 
  7. Make it fun! 

 On a Krystle Note:

I went shopping today for some Spring clothes and had a few NSV's! I shopped in the Juniors section unknowingly AND I shopped in Charlotte Russe (A store I used to pass by because I knew I wouldn't fit even in their largest size!) !! And I bought a size 6 and size Small tops! A couple dressing room shots:

Size 6 shorts from C.R.!
Little Spring dress. :) 

Gooooooodnight!!! Long day tomorrow then I'm heading out of town for a couple days early Thursday morning on a little business trip. :)



Yvonne said...

You look FAB!!!

Keep it UP!!!


Nikki Hilton said...

you are looking adorable... keep updating.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the worst feeling is when you WANT to workout and something you can't control is stopping you! But even low impact workouts should get your energy back up a bit! That cheese/oil thing is pretty gross...an image that certainly makes me want to work out harder than normal today!
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