Monday, March 5, 2012

Introducing....Ms. Daphne Mills

Hey there lovelies. I want to introduce you to someone that I hold very dear to my heart. I have mentioned her several times on my blog in the past but I want to make this blog specifically about her. Ms. Daphne Mills is someone that I met via the Weight Watchers online community early on in my journey and have become very close to over the past year! Not only does she inspire me day in and day out, but she is the definition of a TRUE FRIEND. I have emailed, messaged, text, and called Daphne for so many things along this journey and she always knows just what to say!! I am sooo thankful that Daphne is in my life and since we had to reschedule our real life meeting, I cannot wait for the day I give her a HUGE HUG!
So.......... without further adieu, meet Daphne!!

She wasn't always that SKINNY though!!!

This is Daphne the day she joined Weight Watchers:

Check out my interview with my beautiful friend:

SJD: What was your breaking point that made you decide to lose weight?

Daphne: My breaking point was a combination of 2 things. 1) No matter where I was, or what I did I was always hot and sweaty. When in a room with others no one else was ever as hot as I was. It sounds funny and I often say that I was sick and tired of being the only Hot Chick in the room. LOL, but HOT was because I was so overweight that simply walking across a room would lead to a big sweat. I started losing interest in being social. Which leads me to breaking point 2) I absolutely was tired of the limited shopping options for plus size women. It was such a challenge to find cute and stylish plus size clothing. I just felt so limited. So after complaining to a friend about these two things she suggested Weight Watchers...and now I love being a Hot Chick in the room but now I'm always cold. LOL!!!

SJD: How much have your lost to date and are you at goal?

Daphne: I have lost 112.2 pounds. I started at 257.4 and now weigh 145.2. I reached GOAL WEIGHT on 2/11/2012 which was 146 pounds and I'm currently in the maintenance phase working my way towards Lifetime Membership. So excited!!!

SJD: I always talk about the importance of NSV's on my blog, what are some of your favorite NSV's that you have experienced?

Daphne:    Oh it's so important to recognize NSV's because when the scale is acting a little weird it's the NSV's that are PROOF of PROGRESS. My favorites have been 1) crossing my legs (knee over knee) like a lady! I could never do that & there's something so very feminine about it that makes me feel like a real lady, LOL. 2) I remember jumping out of bed one night from excitement & running to the mirror because I felt my hip bone. I screamed to my daughter, "Mommy has hip bones". 3) emergence of collar bones. I rarely wear necklaces anymore because I think of my collar bones as accessories LOL

SJD: What has been your biggest struggle?

Daphne: My biggest struggle has been surviving unstructured days which usually happen on weekends. Even after 3 years of WW if I'm left with too much unstructured time I STRUGGLE with overeating and it's usually with PB&J on crackers or Golden Oreo's.

SJD: What does a typical day of fitness look like for Ms. Daphne?

Daphne:   Ohhh wow. A typical day is I'm either up at 5am and depending on the time of year I'm either outside running or in my small living room working out with kickboxing/sculpting dvd's. If for some reason 5am was not happening that day the same workout(s) usually happen around 10pm when my day is finally finished. Every now and then I can sneak a 30-40 min run or dvd in around 5/5:30pm. Saturdays and/or Sundays are my LONG RUN days and I'll usually be outside for about 60-90 min.

SJD: How many days out of the week do you typically exercise?

Daphne: I honestly workout 5 days a week. I don't stick to a particular schedule because my life is a bit too hectic so I'm pretty versatile but 5 days a week for sure.

SJD: Do you have a weight loss/fitness mantra that you live by?

Daphne: Well I strongly believe that where there's a will there's a way but I do find myself often telling others that LIFE will sometimes get in our way of our plans and we simply need to be sure to stay light on our toes, keep our guard up and bob and weave, bob and weave and I like to imagine the Rocky theme music in the background. LOL sounds cheesy but I think it's so fitting to weight loss. LOL

SJD: Since you have lost weight, do you feel that anybody treats you differently whether it be good or bad?

Daphne: Honestly, I've really only come across one interesting thing. A male that I knew in a friendly way at work, after seeing my weight loss say something to the effect of, "You've lost a lot of weight. Now I can take you out"!! Of course he got the side eye and a swift hand to the face with a "whatever loser" attitude!

Can't touch this!
SJD: What is your favorite part about your new body?

Daphne: My arms. I can remember a time where even if it was 111 degrees outside I refused to wear anything sleeveless. Nowadays I have several sleeveless tops and just love touching my ceps...

SJD:  What advice would you give to someone who may be feeling discouraged by either a gain or slower than expected rate of weight loss?

Daphne:  I like to say to remember sometimes LIFE will jump in our way and interrupt our regularly scheduled programming and when this happens we should remember to stay light on toes, keep our guard up and bob and weave, bob and weave. This is all while the Rocky them music is playing (LOL)! Plus there is always a lesson to be learned in gains at the scale as well as plateaus. We need to challenge ourselves to take a really good/close look at our food intake and activity and make note of what's been happening then challenge ourselves to begin to make some changes to our food intake and activity types/intensity.

SJD: What does it feel like to be considered a weight loss inspiration?

Daphne: (giggle giggle and blushing) It feels weird because I'm just Daphne. I'm in this battle of the bulge like everyone else. But then I also feel proud because knowing that my experiences or words can help someone else in some small way is powerful! I've been truly blessed in so many ways along my weight loss journey and to be able to pass that blessing on is as I said, powerful!

SJD: Now that you are at your goal weight, have you set any new goals for yourself?

Daphne:  I'm looking forward to continuing to challenge myself via more challenging workouts and increasing my running times/milage. I would like to find a way to actually share more of experiences with others but I'm not really sure how. I am my own personal cheerleader but I'm not great at self promotion. It's been suggested by many that I start a blog or even write a book...I don't know what to do but I know that I want to do something.

SJD:  Is there anything else you would like to share with the blog readers?

Daphne: We are all extremely busy individuals. We have numerous work responsibilities as well as numerous family responsibilities and we're usually putting the needs and desires of others fist all the time. Well please oh please start making your desires and needs a high priority. I find that if I'm not happy or feeling good then it makes everyone else's life around me that much more difficult. We also have to become our personal cheerleader because there will be times when we need a little encouragement and there may not be anyone around or we may not want to verbally speak about it to others. But if you're your own cheerleader you can have a discussion with yourself. Speak to yourself in a positive way. Use positive affirmations. Tell yourself out loud that you are Fabulous. That you are worth it. Believe it and live it!

Words from the wise!! I hope you enjoyed this interview with Daphne as much as I did. Remember: This can be YOU too with hard work and perserverance!!!!

Love and hugs,


safire said...

Your friend is SUPER inspiring! I think it's so wonderful that you found such a great support system on your journey.

Thanks so much for sharing ;)

Deb said...

Love this interview! I love the "collarbones as an accesory" & being your own cheerleader. I have been on my journey back to my LT status for a looong time so you & Daphne are so important for inspiration.

cjbrownsc said...

OMG!! Such an inspiration!
Great interview - can't wait to see if she's going to start a blog of her own. If she does, I'm definitely reading it!

Sherrie said...

Wow, she sure is inspiring! I love the "bob and weave" advice, very practical.

DaphneCT said...

Yes, I'm crying! I cried the entire time I read this post! Krystle my dear friend, you are so beautiful inside and out! I'm honored to be your friend I'm so moved by this interview. I swear I'm just sitting here crying, hand over my heart and shaking my head. You've made me feel so very special! I thank you honey for being YOU! Smooches!!!!

quietstrom74 (Shamir) said...

Beautifully done. You both are great inspirations to me. I make sure I come either to WW or here everyday for the encouragement I know I'll get. Keep Moving Forward

Anonymous said...

What an awesome inspiring success story! Congrats and thanks for the tips I have taken away. Both you girls rock!!!!!

Just Me said...

Wow, what a amazing story!

Trina said...

Thanks for sharing. I am inspired!

Anonymous said...

this interview made my heart glad!!

cyn said...

wow no wonder ya love her -- she is just amazing & completely adorbs!!!

RubyAlison said...

This was great and I hope you can do this again sometime with other successful losers. And I'd love to see you interview yourself too!

Unknown said...

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