Saturday, March 3, 2012


I can't begin to describe everything going through my head right now!!! First of all I couldn't sleep last night. The thunder and lightning kept waking me up and then once I was up I couldn't stop thinking about what this morning was going to bring. It's WEIGH IN DAY and it's one of the most important weigh in days yet! Today, if all goes well, I will be reaching my -100lbs GONE mark. 100lbs that I will NEVER....and I REPEAT.....NEVER see again in my life. I'm not LOSING THEM. I am getting RID of them! When you lose things you plan to find them again.

I will never look like THIS again!!! 

 *Just a note about the above picture: I just noticed I have almost the same haircut in 2009 but it looks WAY different on my thin face than it did on my fat face!*

I am trying to stay rational and remember that sometimes the scale doesn't always work in your favor no matter how much work you put in but every time I go there, I find myself thinking negative thoughts and Krystle + Negativity do not mix. So in my attempt to stay positive, I can't stop day dreaming about that very moment!!!

Now, let the record state: This is not my goal weight. I still have 5 more pounds after this to lose to get to goal BUT for a very long time, losing 100lbs WAS my goal!! So in a sense, it is my goal weight. I just added 5 pounds for several other reasons.

ahhhhhhhhhh so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure if I will video record my weigh in but i will definitely get someone to take some pics for you all!!!

New blog later! Hopefully with a bunch of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s .

Happy Saturday!


safire said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I would be totally excited too. You have every right to celebrate. This is a HUGE achievement.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chubby McGee said...

New follower here. CONGRATS! What a feat! You look fantastic, too!

I'm with you: once I lose 100 lbs., I am NOT GOING BACK! EVERRRRRRRRR!

Sherrie said...

Congrats, I will be looking forward to your blog later with a weigh in report. I'm 1.2 pounds from that same 100 pound mark myself, but I'm trying to be ok with it taking two weeks because (at the rate that I lose) it probably will for me. :)

Unknown said...

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