Sunday, March 4, 2012

I just LOVE a challenge!!!

What a day!! 1st of all let me say this: The scale can kick rocks with no socks because today I reached my SIZE GOAL!!!!!!!! I am officially a size SIX! Yea, you read it right. 6!!!
Looky look!!
Now, let's get down to business! I set a challenge for myself that when I reached 1,000 likes on my Facebook page that I would run the stairs at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City 20x up and 20x down. Yesterday, I reached 1,000 likes so being a woman of my word, today I completed my challenge.

As it turns out, I underestimated myself! After completing the 20 rounds of stairs, I still had more to give  and I don't quit when I still have more to give so I went for 25. When I got to 25, I still had more. Went for 30! By 30 I was pretty spent!

Here is the video:

I am just learning to make videos so I know it's not the best quality but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!!

SO ready for the next challenge????

31 flights up x 36 stairs = 1,116 stairs UP. (1,080 down. I ended at the top.)

SO.......when I reach 2,000 likes on Facebook, the next challenge is this:

Climb the tallest building in America!!!

But since I'm not traveling to Chicago to climb the Willis Tower (better known as the Sears Tower), I will do it at the Taj again equal to the amount of stairs in the Willis Tower.

There are 2,109 stairs in the Willis Tower, which means to equal that I will have to climb the stairs at the Taj a total of 59x - almost double what I did today. So let's get to LIKING people!!!! :) I just LOVE a challenge!!!

Love always,


Fit Mom said...

Congrats! Great job and way to push your limits! I cant wait to see the video for the next challenge!

Also a huge congrats on getting into your goal size pants! That is a great accomplishment!

Unknown said...

You rocked it!! and were looking good in all your size six glory - hollaaa! I have been so down in the dumps lately and so defeated but you keep me inspired constantly! my favorite part of this vid was hearing your voice - your accent is so cute!! haha congratulations on reaching 1000 likes, the size 6 victory and 98.8lbs.. you are my inspiration!

Jordan Craig Jeans said...

Congrats Krystle! You're rocking......

Just Me said...

Love your blog! You are such a big inspiration! Hello from Germany btw!
Congrats on the first challange!


CaseyFit said... it....the more you get used to it the more condition you get in the long you can work on a triathlon...LOL..and you got the best reward ever :) HIGH FIVE!!!

Tere said...

awesome! congrats! good job! you rock! keep it up!

Rosario said...

Wow, You are an amazing person. I wish I had met you a year ago. But God knows the best timing for everything. I'm inpired by your story. Congratulations with your challenge. I live in a top unit. No elevators, so I go up and down those stairs daily. Sometimes three or four times. My coach told me to carry a step counter. All my friends that come visit me rather wait for me downtairs. They go out of breath by the time they get to my door. I have liked your FB page, and I will be following your blog as well. God bless you.

Chubby McGee said...

CONGRATS!!! Wow! A 6. I haven't worn a 6 in...umm...ummmm....

Well...anyway...thanks to this post of yours, I'm going to get up and do a quick two mile walk.

Thanks for the inspiration and hope. :)

Virtual Paul said...

Wow you have really done well. That is so cool doing the stairs! I just found your blog and followed.

Pajama Jeans said...

Good post. Thank you for showing photos of how you look with this pair of skinny jeans. Interesting photos.

Teresa Halminton said...

You did it well! The new challenge sounds great! I believe that the day you take the next challenge will come soon.
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