Thursday, March 1, 2012

Free Tickets To The Gun Show!! *Exciting news!*

Can I first just say this? I AM LOVING LIFE TO THE ABSOLUTE FULLEST!!!!!

Sometimes I go a week without blogging and other times you're lucky enough to get two blogs in one day from me! Today is one of those days because I had a simply FANTASTIC workout that I need to share with you!!!! I managed to not post this on Facebook despite my immense excitement because I wanted to share such exciting news for my #1 social network love: My Blog!

I RAN MY FIRST 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.1 miles!!!!! I, Krystle Bailey, ran 3.1 miles!!!! And I did it in 36:10 minutes!! This is HUGE. I have walked a bazillion 5Ks and they usually take me about an hour to complete but not this time. I RAN. Before today my furthest had been a mile (Read about my very recent first mile here!!) . So today when I got to the gym, all the crossramps were taken so I hopped on the treadmill. Thankfully I wore my running shoes despite having no plans to run! Open treadmill. In need of a sweat. What the hell, RUN GIRL RUN!

I decided I would shoot for a 5K just to see how long it would take me and had no intentions of running more than one mile of it. HA! Why do I doubt myself??? *insert mischievous laugh*

I ran and I ran....then I walked a minute...and I ran and I ran and I took my pace down from 6.1 to 5.5 and I walked a minute....and I kept on running!! I was able to maintain the steady pace of 5.5 for most of the remaining 2 miles and I finished it in 36 minutes and 10 seconds. I was/am so super duper proud!!!! Overall, I walked for my 5 minute warmup (.3 miles) and I took four 1-minute breaks. The rest: I RAN.

With that being said, I am going to sign up for a few 5Ks this summer!!!! Can't wait to keep setting new goals and reaching for them!!! Starting with the St. Patty's Day 5K race. :)

I AM A RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought I would say that but it's true, I AM!

Then I went and kicked some major ass on the free weights. I mean major. The meatheads in the gym were watching me workout aka watching the gun show. buahahhaha.

Onto other exciting stuff:

  • My incredible friend Nicole, who also happens to be a Weight Watchers leader in NY, is hosting an online community specialty meeting March 25th and asked YOURS TRULY to be a guest speaker!!!! How exciting is that? She said she is making fliers up with my name on them and everything. Very very cool stuff.
  • I work a WW meeting Wednesday night, Thursday morning, and train at my center Thursday night. Putting me to WORK and I am loving it!!!!!! It's not work when it's a passion.
  • I need heavier dumb bells. I'm getting too STRONG!!!!! And that is freakin' awesome!!!!!
Check out my guns: The top photo is January of this year and the bottom is today. The color difference is because of the flash:


Proud mommy of 4 said...

You rock girl!

safire said...

Congratulations! Look at how toned you are.

Kelly O said...

WAY TO GO!!! Keep up the good work!! I was just talking to my runner friend today about doing a 5K or 10K. BTW your biceps are shaping up nicely!!

Fit Mom said...

Way to go!
Congrats on running your first 5k. You will find that running becomes addictive trying to get a personal best.

You are doing great! Congrats on all of your new Weight Watchers adventures. I am sure you will do great speaking.

DaphneCT said...

You are indeed a RUNNER!!!! Totally psyched for you my friend and man oh man I pray that I'm available for 3/25!!!!!

masonnickey said...

Congrats Krystle!!! You are not playing!!!! I want to run a 5k too :) thanks for the shout out, soon I will be saying Krystle my friend in AC who's a fellow Leader too!

manths said...

In that full length pic of you at the look TINY!!! That should be one for the side bar!!
Sam xxx

Covey said...

Nothing better than that feeling of being on the treadmill, and thinking "wow I can KEEP running" - fab work!

Would you mind doing a post at some stage on what kind of free weights work you do? I'd really love that!

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