Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sometimes the scale just doesn't give a damn!

Hey folks!

Weigh in today: Down 0.4lbs

If I would have posted this a few months ago it would have went something like, "Man I worked so hard and I did everything right and I ONLY lost 0.4lbs" 

But that is why this is a JOURNEY and along a journey, you learn lessons. Along a journey, you change your opinions about certain situations.  Along a journey you learn that things don't always go as expected. Sometimes you leave for your journey right on time and hit traffic, which makes you late anyway. Sometimes you're cruising along your journey and you get a flat tire, hit an unexpected red light, detour, or pot hole. BUT as with any journey, if you just keep on going, you get to your destination and when you get there it makes the entire trip worth it because sometimes if things aren't worked hard for, they aren't worth having.

That is how I look at my weight loss journey. I was hoping for a bigger loss this week. I did fantastic all week food wise, worked out like a madd woman with INSANITY, drank a ton of water, and got in all my good health guidelines but sometimes the scale doesn't give a damn about your efforts. It's as simple as that. The metal devil.

So, as I still celebrate my scale victory, because every loss counts towards something, I am celebrating my NSV's of the week and I have a few:
  • I met my weight loss inspiration this week - something I thought I'd only dream of. 
  • I finished an entire week of INSANITY - a workout I never thought I'd be physically capable of. 
  • I can FINALLY do REAL pushups with no modifications!! And I just reached this goal this week!!
  • I am in the process of being hired as a receptionist for my beloved Weight Watchers!!!! (it's in the bag!)
So far, 2012 has been FANTASTIC for me and I just know good things will continue to come my way because that's what happens when you only allow yourself to be surrounded by positive energy!

One last celebration!! - MY MOMMY REACHED ONEDERLAND TODAY!!!! I am so happy for her!!!! So honored that I was able to inspire my family to jump on the healthy bandwagon and that they are doing so well!! 

Celebrate your NSV's as well as your scale victories with me!! Leave a comment and let me know what you're celebrating today!


Bzybee said...

Sometimes, you can do everything right and only see a little loss.. but as we all say, a loss is a loss and it ain't a gain.

Just keep doing as great as you are doing and it will all come together!

Grats to your mother, that is a huge achievement many of us are aiming for.

Unknown said...

awww congrats to your mom!

celebrating the NSV's is so important & a BIG woohoo to you for mastering the push-up! i am still working on that myself!


Unknown said...

Absolutely!! Sometimes the scale reminds me of the "Honey Badger" and Honey Badger don't give a SH**! Last week I was on point with everything, burned enough cals to see a 3lb loss... but the scale said "NO" you only get 1lb lady. You're exactly right though... it IS a journey!! If you're doing everything right you are going in the right direction and there are so many reasons for why the scale won't give it up to you! Love your blog!

downsizers said...

When I was on WW I would have weeks like this and then there would be weeks I felt like I had gained or would stay the same and I would lose 3 lb. Don't let the fluctuations throw you. The weight will come off.

Eva Lee Najubez said...

Ok I did about 4 days of insanity right before christmas, and from what happened to me, the day right after I was sore and my weight barely changed by 0.2...but then THE NEXT day...bam....3lbs....With such a new intense workout, ur retaining more water for about a day, then bam, so you could have lost like 2 lbs and don't even know it, but it's always worth it... CONGRATS on 0.4 lbs and you PUSHUPS. Pushups are a big deal to me too.

DaphneCT said...

I had a fight with my metal monster this week. I too had an awesome week. it was as if I was on Weight Watchers for the first week, that's how great it was and that dang monster said, "I really could care less so here's a +1.6 for you honey". However I'm still in size 4 pants and I've since let go of my anger for that metal jerk. Congrats to you on ALL that you continue achieve :) you're an awesome woman honey!!!

Dawn said...

Insanity is fantastic isn't it. I can do press ups for the first time in my life too.
I don't weigh but I know I'm changing shape and looking different. I honestly don't know if I'm weighing less but I look better. If we are working this hard Im assuming we are gaining muscle which weighs more than fat so while the scale may say less the look is better and for sure keep going all 63 days and the weight will most definitely drop off. I'm following your INSANITY journey with great interest.
I posted my 1 and 15 day Fit test results today

Unknown said...

As you know I also am celebrating that magic loss of .4, but as you say every loss is a victory.

A very interesting my Word verification below is TRAPT.. LOL How ironic because I feel anything but trapt. I actually feel FREE for the 1st time in my life.

Keep up the great work Krystle

Your friend

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