Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving day/week survival plan

Gooood Sunday Morning!!!

Yesterday I reached the 90lbs milestone!!!! 90.2 actually! It was pretty freakin' exciting but it didn't really hit me until I got home and sat right here in my computer chair and said HOLY SMOKES...90lbs.......
.....9 0 p o u n d s!......

I celebrated with a kick ass 2 hour workout with some of my favorite fitness folks! My sister in law, my friend Amanda, and Turbo Kick & BodyPump instructors Kim and Katie. We had so much fun. I love keeping up with my sister in law. She is so fit and so much fun to workout with. We really hype each other up. Kim is so the middle of Turbo Kick she said "Hey Krystle I'm gonna take a picture of you for your blog" (see below)

and she posted this picture to the Tilton Gym facebook: 

Bodypump is no JOKE!! I am sore in every possible area today and I can't wait to do it again next week!! I loved it so much. Thanking God that my back was capable of such an awesome workout. I really think that my computer chair is causing my back to hurt more than it should. It hurts worse when I sit here all day. I'm gonna get a back support from my chiropractor tomorrow!

Anyway, I am PREPARED for Thanksgiving!! In the weekly at the meeting yesterday it said "It's Thanksgiving Day ...not Thanksgiving week!" ....even though that is very, very true. You still have to plan for the entire week. We are celebrating two Thanksgivings. A family friend of ours works on Thanksgiving so is throwing a big get together today for her friends and family with a Thanksgiving feast but she is so sweet. She called me yesterday and she said "I bought fruit and low calorie crackers and X, Y, and Z so you and your mom and everybody can stay on plan!" I made a strawberry no bake cheesecake from Skinny Taste and it looks pretty yummy! 



 It's a little hefty on the PointsPlus - 6 PP's for 1/8th but there is nothing wrong with having a sliver of it! A "serving size" doesn't mean you have to eat THAT serving size. 

The Thanksgiving Week Survival Plan: 
- Earn as many Activity Points as possible 
-On the days I go over (like yesterday), use the activity points that I earned that day
-Save all 49 weekly points for Thanksgiving day. 
-Track everything. 
How, you ask? 
 (^Drag and drop food on to your cyber plate and plan ahead^)
The weekly this week also has Thanksgiving PointsPlus values. 

For Thanksgiving day, as I mentioned before, I am hosting! So I have typed out all the PointsPlus values and serving sizes of my menu on a little cheat sheet for myself. The only thing I am not making is the Macaroni and Cheese, which I will count 10 PP's per cup and I won't be eating a whole cup of M&C along with everything else and the salad that I'm making my mother in law to make. Everything else, I will know exactly what's in it and how many points it is! 

Here's my menu: 
Skinny Taste Bruschetta 

Pesto Cheese Blossom from Paula Deen 

 Main Dish:

Stuffed Turkey 

Skinny Taste Spinach Gratin 

Skinny Taste Buttermilk Mashed with Chives 

Skinny Taste Sweet Potato Casserole 

Rosemary Garlic Parmesan Biscuits 

Corn Salsa 


 Plus my SIL's mac and cheese, a salad, the strawberry cheesecake, pumpkin pie dip, and whatever else they bring. 

The wonderful thing about is that you can guarantee that taste will never be compromised for less points. She will make sure it's a delicious recipe even if it's a couple more points and that's what I love about that website!! 

My measuring cups will be on the table right next to my fork and knife. I am doing this! I am not going to weigh in on Saturday and regret my decisions. 

My expectation: Weight Loss this week!


Trina said...

That's amazing girl!!! I'm inspired!!

Unknown said...

LOVE all your Skinnytaste choices!!!! That is such a great site. I made the No bake pumpkin cheese cake over the weekend, and i'm making the butternut squash risotto for my family's Thanksgiving! Good luck with your dinner, I hope everything turns out delicious! I'm sure it will :)

PS: I've become really interested in food writing (and baking healthy dishes, too) and am hoping to make it into a career, so I started another blog...check it out.

Sarah said...

I have also made my survival plan for Thanksgiving. I know it's only one day, but I'm still worried! I will pig out if I'm not careful! I guess I'll spend all week going over my plan to make sure I stick to it!


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