Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Now, you've seen it all!

Hey. Hey. Hey!

Happy Tuesday........geez...it's only Tuesday???? lol So, I had a little bit of a hard time getting back on track after my bday weekend. Yesterday I started out good but then I lost all desire to track anything. At first it seemed okay. I said "I'm not in the mood to binge eat...just not in the mood to track"..........bad move. My girl Daphne told me it would lead to bad decisions and to get my mind right and she was right!! I ended up way over eating!

When I told my mom that I was having a hard time she was pleased to learn that even the most dedicated people have rough days when they don't feel like being on plan. If you didn't have a day when you just didn't feel like it, you might be superhuman. We all have those days! The key is jumping right back on the wagon and today, I did just that. Back on the OP train!

I woke up this morning and got in a Turbo Fire workout. Man I love that program!! I always have so many people ask me about it and why I love it so much so I decided to take a couple videos for you. hehe. I'm nervous about posting them here but you guys are family so here they are.....

But first a couple disclaimers: 
  1. I jiggle. lol
  2. I missed a move at the end of the fire drill one...you'll see the confusion on my face 
  3. Excuse the mess behind me lol 
These are both from Fire 45, which is my favorite routine out of them all! The first one is my favorite Fire Drill (which in case you don't know, is a super high intensity section of each workout that you go balls to the wall for 45 seconds or a minute depending on the workout and then rest for a minute). The second video is one of my favorite parts of the routine but my camera cut off at the end. Anyway, ENJOY! Don't judge me! hahaha

So, now my friends... you have seen it all! I have welcomed you into just about every aspect of my life including my jiggly workouts. :)

Have a blessed night!


Unknown said...

damn girl, work it! these look like great work outs! and you would deff have my bf if i had one lookin that fine! :)

Linda Sherwood said...

The fire drill looks like a fun workout! Very intense! Great job and thanks for sharing. You may jiggle, but there were parts of you that were also looking very toned! :-)

DaphneCT said...

:) you know how much I too love Fire and good for you for getting those videos posted!!! I'm inspired to do my own video too now!! You are awesome and baby girl was right there with you, LOL!!

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